Thursday, 18 January 2018

friendly warmth ?

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A long time back I had started reading the Bible and finished the Old Testament. Then my eyes gave out and I haven’t returned to it since. But one of my dear tatting friend recently suggested I read the gospel of Luke if not the rest. I have yet to do it, but this is a reminder.

This is the tweaked charmed cross pattern to look more like a cross. A floating ring on either end extends the horizontal bar, while additional rings and chains add length vertically.
Can’t say I’m happy – perhaps changing the chain direction to face inwards at some places would make it a bit better. But that is for some future day.

Worked in Lizbeth size 40. I now regret having bought only variegated and no solid colour in Lizbeth.
For some reason I didn’t enjoy working with this at all. And as you can see, by the second round I couldn’t be bothered to try to hide colour blips caused by the lock join.
Also, I didn’t snug the chain stitches properly on the right side thus getting an asymmetrical outline inside.
There was also plenty of retrotatting to do. All in all not a happy experience.

The saving grace was the lock chain tails. I’ve long admired and wanted to do those little charms along a tail and this seemed like a good project to use in.
And in order to balance the width of the cross with the slim tail, I worked a 2nd tail. Can’t have enough of bookmark tails - read my argument for multiple tails here !

What truly charmed me was Denise’s enthusiastic testing and working of the charmed cross pattern. She made little tweaks to suit her taste. Notice the charms? And the Heart-shaped glass gem in the center?! These are all meant as gifts for her church friends. She tells me that since it will be close to Valentine’s when these will be gifted, she used the heart and I guess the lovely pink shade.

Also warming my heart in this cold are these cute maple leaf earrings (she added a strand of Rexanna to the hand-dyed colourway), and 

appliqués Denise is tatting; the former again as gifts. She has a great big heart for sure, always helping with a smile and spreading warmth J

And for the record, I now have a finalized version of the charmed cross pendant to share soon.

cheers and stay warm/cool  J


  1. Beautiful tatting, I love those maple leaves too.

  2. It makes me think of a kite more than a cross. Think along those lines and you might like it more!

  3. As for the reading I buy large print bible and also have free app on the phone and can enlarge the print to the size I want.😊 also love the leaves and bookmark all are fine works.

  4. I like the cross better in the solid color. :)
    I will say that as for reading the Bible for me, it has made it much easier and more enjoyable to have a large or giant print Bible(not that I need it). And, I prefer the book of James. ;) Suggestion, just read 1 Bible verse each day and if you go further that's ok. :) Have a great day!!! :)
    All the rest of that tatting is wonderful!! :)

  5. Thanks Bernice. Yes, those maple leaves are adorable :-)

    Jane, you are just too good! Of course it looks like a kite, with tails, too :-D

    Hmm, I should check Google Play/Books for a free download of the Bible, Carollyn. Thanks for the reminder :-)

    I so agree with you, Sue. Being enamoured with Lizbeth colourways, I chose from the few that were available on Amazon. But I Really should've gone with solid colours, even if were just white.
    Thanks also for the suggestions. Am now eager to compare the gospels :-)

  6. Look wonderful. I like the book of John and Romans, starting at chapter 8, verse 26 to the end.

    1. I will keep this in mind, Marie. Thanks :-)

  7. Replies
    1. I'm sure Denise will be just as pleased as I am, Anetta :-) Thanks

  8. It is a shame this version of the bookmark was not a happy tatting experience. I think most of us do this to relax, so when it becomes frustrating, maybe it is better to take a small break and return to it later with renewed forces. I look forward to seeing the final version of the cross. Oh, and you have a very nice and generous friend! :)

    1. Lave, like you, all my tatting friends are nice & generous :-) In unique ways! And to think I've Never met a single one of them - we are lucky, aren't we.
      You are right about a break instead of stressing oneself. I Have slowed down over the past few months, yet the backlog keeps increasing.

  9. Lovely work. I finally got through a read through of the Bible in 2017. Took me years.....literally. I always wimped out at the end. What kept me going? Stubborness! A for where I like to start in the New Testament? Acts. I'm an action girl after all. Love the tatting on the leaf.

    1. Mel, I was pretty put off by the vengeful God in Old Testament. I like your suggestion of Acts - nothing like being active :-)))
      The leaves are by our very own Denise - from the online class.