Tuesday, 23 January 2018

floating with tatting

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updated Jan 24, 2018 with schematic for earring

Pozdrawiam ciepło (I greet warmly).

This month’s task for “I Love Tatting” is titled Goose Circle – isn’t that cute! Justyna listed some tutorials and examples of bead(s) within rings and also alternate forms of beading. I’ve already used the bead in SR and in SCMR in a few of my own patterns & other projects. Since “floating beads” was also a listed option, I chose to float along :-).  

Peacock earrings and Charmed Cross pendant
I used the floating bead (FB) method to add both teardrops in the Charmed Cross pendant – yes, this is the final version. I’ve added more crystal beads and the horizontal arms don’t look like stumps any more. But more on that when I share the pattern.

There are 2 versions of the Peacock earrings. 
These are derived from this dancing peacock medallion.

Worked with 2 shuttles, 2 colours.
Anchor embroidery threads are used : 3 strands of each colour woven with 1 strand of silver.

The bead in the center and the teardrops were added when required, using floating beads method. Seed beads are pre-strung for the overlying string.
For outermost round, one can use seed beads instead of picots, but I didn’t have any in suitable size/colour.

In version 2, I tried a little heart shape in the green, and a slightly tipped point in the blue. 
For outermost round, one can use seed beads instead of picots, 
but I didn’t have any in suitable size/colour.

After working the outermost blue chain to required length, 
I used a shoelace trick (SLT) to lock it in place. This also created the sharper tip.

These earrings are free-style and I didn’t follow any strict stitch count. But I will share the sequence :

  1. Start with topmost ring, attaching the findings.
  2. Add large bead (red crystal or gold) using floating beads method (or pre-strung).
  3. Work innermost ring in blue around the bead, with picot small midways.
  4. Bring forth the seed beads and create a layer around blue ring. Lock join to base of ring.
  5. Switch shuttles and work green chain. Join to blue ring. In version 1, add a small picot for linking next round; in version 2, make chain longer and lock join to blue ring.
  6. Over and under or Alligator join across base of rings, switch shuttles, and work the outermost round in blue with decorative picots. In version 1, join to green ring then add FB teardrop midways. In version 2, make chain longer, SLT, add FB teardrop, continue around.
  7. Tie and cut; hide ends.

Beads give us the opportunity to add more colours without having to use extra shuttles!

One can pre-string the teardrop (or sew it on later) instead of floating bead method. But I like how the FB makes the bead dangle a little further from the stitches. Also, since I use Pony shuttles that are too small to load large beads, this is a convenient alternate.

I hope you take the time to check out what the other talented participants have created. 

to the love of tatting, with beads


  1. Splendid earrings! I like version 1 best with less space between the layers. Your cross does look good, no longer a kite!

  2. Very beautiful cross and peacock earrings!!! :)

  3. Love the peacock earrings and beautiful cross

  4. Wow, beautiful earrings and cross. I still didn't try "floating beads" but I premise that I try :-)
    Peacock colours look nice. Hugs :-) Justyna
    Thank you for you participation in our fun :-)))

  5. A wonderful cross and a nice earrings!

  6. Ahh floating beads sounds so great and the feather is fun to use with tatting. I do have many types of shuttles and I truly use them all but for different types of tatting! Everything is lovely hugs from Carollyn!

  7. Please Note : This post has been updated with a schematic for the sequence of working the earring (version 1).

  8. Good point, Jane, about the onion ring! Following your observation I drew a diagram for this version. Ah, thankfully the kite flies away ;-P

    Sue, Margaret, & Marja, I appreciate your comments :-)

    Justyna, I'm glad to be a participant - it makes me challenge myself while appreciating all the work by your tatting group :-)

    Carollyn, I made and also bought clover shuttles for the specific purpose of using for beaded tatting. Unfortunately, I am TOO accustomed to bobbin shuttles and couldn't transfer my muscle learning !

  9. You have intrigued me. Floating beads. I must try when I have shuttles free. Or maybe I'll buy a couple more!

    1. Mel, I am organizing all my FB tutorials systematically into a pdf presentation. In fact Georgia had asked me to share with class last season, but work is slow :-(

  10. beautiful pattern and combination of colors - I admire :)

  11. The cross looks much better now. I liked the bookmark look you used before, but I don't think the beads would work with that too well unfortunately.
    Thank you for the instructions for the earrings, they seem simple enough to make :) I also like the tighter version for some reason.

  12. I've bookmarked this page so that I can come back and read it again. I love the colors and the use of beads!

  13. Thank you Renata, Lavi & Diane :-)

    Diane, I've included the diagram & essentials in the Dancing Peacocks pdf so just download & forget about it ;-P

    Lavi, I never use beads on my bookmarks (not even in the tails) - can't bear to think of the imprint they might leave between pages or between books. The beaded cross is meant as a pendant.

  14. Pretty cross n awesome earrings in peacock colors. I remember you love this blue shade.

    1. Yes, it is a spectacular shade of blue, Usha. I wonder why we don't have more options in Anchor crochet cotton though.

  15. Przepiękne :)
    Pozdrawiam ciepło.

  16. Replies
    1. My favourite colour combination, too, Beva :-)

  17. Wow! Ale piękne! Dziękuję za podzielenie się schematem 😊 Pozdrawiam serdecznie!