Wednesday, 27 December 2017


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I thought I had it all figured out. 
Turns out shuttles have veto power, just as I feared last time.

This round was visualized in cream all along, so that the doily could be finished off with the aqua blue. But after doing a couple of repeats, it didn't look so good. The round seemed to cry out for the aqua blue right here.

But I did veto the application of picots -- scuttled down to just a pair of dot picots per repeat Can't leave everything to shuttles ;-D
Reason - so I can have more picots in the final round.

This was completed many days back & Agnieszka sent me the last round pattern. But I haven’t started - dithering on the colour choice ….
Should I add that dark green for the final round?  
Or should I continue with this aqua green – a broad round reflecting the inner one?
Decisions :-(
I won't be able to complete this before the new year. But if anybody wants to join in, 31st is the last date to inform her. 
And I might have a surprise guest - if my convincing powers can crack her shell ;-D With fingers crossed ...

My journey so far –

Who holds veto power in your tatting journeys ?


  1. Ah well, sometimes you just have to listen to the shuttles.

    1. Right, Jane, otherwise they just Refuse to move !!! :-D

  2. It's so absolutely gorgeous!!!! :)

    1. Apparently I can't seem to say anything new about this doily(I just read my last comment on the previous post of the doily).
      It would be awesome to see a gallery of all the participant's doilies in this challenge!! :)

    2. Sue, I don't really like putting my readers through this (each step/row), but I'm also trying to keep my posts short ;-D
      As far as I know, Agnieszka will be displaying the works on her blog as they are completed. eg. Izabella's -
      Here's another participant -
      And you might get to see a Tollway Tatters' work in person ;-P

  3. Aqua green it would match up with the zig zac rows.
    Beautiful and gorgeous pattern

    1. Yes, I guess you are right, Margaret :-) Haven't yet started but will go with the aqua green.

  4. I also agree with the aqua on the final round, since round 9 is not very thick anyway. Do show us when you finish it, I'm sure it will be very pretty!

    1. I'm more than halfway around the last round, Lavi. And I did use the aqua :-D Will blog about it soon