Monday, 11 December 2017


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Here’s a peek into my current tutorial project - multi-colour Cluny tatting.
Georgia asked whether I could do a tutorial on 3-coloured Cluny leaves. Always up for a challenge and broadening my horizons!
But first I had to refresh my memory, hence started with a Hanging Cluny in single colour. Then went on to 2 and 3 colours, with a bit of experimentation in the repeats.
These are merely my practice & experimental pieces.
I find myself unable to make a diamond-shaped tally; it invariably turns into a spindle or leaf. Not that I mind, personally - I like this shape.

Then on to regular tallies in 4 colours (inset shows  a close-up)
The last one in purple has uneven number of passes – 2 purple and 1 mustard.
All woven on a card stock loom with tapestry needles.

These are all done with scrap threads, hence colours may not be as distinguishable. For the pdf, I am using other colours.

Dagmar Pezzuto is the only one I know who has made 2 and 3 colour tallies. I watched her video and made a few of my own tiny tweaks.

For the pdf I thought a sequential presentation from 1 to more colours will be a good idea? It does increase the number of pages, but it will also keep everything under one roof and progress logically. It also gives us a chance to refresh our memory before embarking into multiple colours.

QUESTION : Do you prefer this type of all-in-one pictorial or only one separate 3-coloured Cluny Tatting pictorial ?

The weaving itself is very easy and basic, but I must admit that it takes a bit of practice to  manage the many threads required for coloured weaving ;-P I've gotten better!

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Happy tatting always :-)


  1. They look 3-D in multicolour, don't they? It's always fun to figure out new techniques and write about them.

  2. Wow, that's interesting! I had never seen multicoloured Cluny leaves before. I don't do those, they kill my poor hands. And the result is not very satisfactory anyway. I bought a loom some time ago but (ahem!!!) I still need to try. Maybe during my next holidays....

  3. Your's are lovely and well made. Now I can do a cluny but wouldn't the multi color make a poorly made cluny stand out?

  4. It is fun an amazing to see where curiosity will take you in this craft! Thank you for taking us on your journey. I have not mastered clunies, but they are on the list.

  5. I think they look awesome and would make great Indian Corn earrings for those wanting something different for autumn earrings!! :)

  6. You are one wild lady, Muskaan! Kudos and kudos!! Georgia is a pretty good instigator, too, isn't she? ;)

  7. Yes, Jane, colours open up so many new avenues and visual effects…I’m still ideating ;-P

    Sylvie, a material loom assists tremendously. But I must admit that Cluny tatting can disrupt the rhythm of regular tatting at times, enjoyable as the weaving is.

    Bernice, a bad shape will stand out no matter what. But if you mean the edges, perhaps you are right, especially in certain colours/combos.

    I’m still practicing, too, Linda !!! And with close-up photos throwing up each and every mistake, I have to go so slowly ;-P

    What a fabulous idea, Sue!!! Autumn 2018, here I come ;-p

    Ah, more like easily distracted and challenged, Sherry ;-D Yes, Georgia is one smooth operator whom I can never say no to!!!

    Thank you all, for your lovely comments. I’ll now go and figure out the pdf presentation….