Friday, 15 December 2017

a floral path

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Round 7 of the ‘Pikotek’ or Doily #10 is now completed and sent to Agnieszka.
In Anchor size 40, it now measures 8½ inches at its widest. 
This gives an idea of how deeply set these 1 inch flowers are since round 6 was 8” across.

These little flowers are a joy to tat!!! I can easily finish 3 in just one evening, 
including sewing in tails.
Yet other activities slowed down this round, but not the pleasure.

And in order to reduce the pink dominance, the centers are made in cream.

I dallied whether to use them alternately with all-pink flowers (as in above pic), 
but the 2-colour ruled. 
Which meant I had to cut out and tat 2 extra but who’s complaining! 
See the pic below for comparison.

TIP : If the entire pattern was available, I would've worked each flower separately, 
and joined to the floating ring while working round 6 (as I had done here).
I did a quick rolling pin block without pulling out/shaping every double picot...will do it at final stage. 

3 more rounds to go, but they are mostly chains, so should tat up quickly.
While I have a couple of ideas on where I'd like the colours to go, 
it's up to the shuttles to behave themselves!

Previous Rounds :

shuttles are like pet cats – they rule!
happy tatting always J


  1. Oh yes, that’s lovely. I like the centers that link to the previous round.

  2. Beautiful doily :) I like floral motifs :)

  3. This is very beautiful, I would like to try this one, oh no another one on the list :) You really have done a marvelous job!

  4. Beautiful! Looking forward to the next completed round :).

  5. Thank you all so much for your encouraging comments :-) Hope you enjoy a great weekend!
    Carollyn, I hope you get time to see my previous post on coloured Cluny leaves.

  6. I like your cream centers (sounds like snack cakes or candy!) and I think those double picots on the small flowers are inspired! I too would have made the individual flowers and connected them when creating the previous round. So much easier in my experience.

  7. Ive not been around much this week, so I missed a bit, I like this doily the pattern is looking gorgeous.

  8. Then it's just in time for the holiday season, Grace - cakes and candy :-D
    I loved reading your comments, dear Fox, Sue, Grace, & Margaret :-) Thank you very much