Monday, 25 December 2017

seasons greetings

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When Denise sent me a picture of her crocheted Santas/elves I was hooked immediately! They were a hit with the kids who received them as well. 

It would make a lovely gift wrap adornment for my niece, along with a Christmas/party themed wrapping paper for one of the books.
She kindly sent me the pinterest link. After some searching, this is where I found the original pattern 'Noelzinho' by Norminha.

There are many versions of this face, but I like this the best.
Crocheted in wool in keeping with the season - it is getting chilly here with the minimum in single digit! It measures 4 inches vertically, including the pompom.

And I also fell in love with this snowflake which Bernice worked and tatted it immediately. I’m going through a slowdown phase but this snowflake truly perked me up. I'm glad to be reminded of this blog which has so many patterns and tutorials.
Worked in size 40, it measures 2¼” across. I worked it in one pass, climbing out with a split ring.
The pattern is Snowflake for the Christmas tree by Agnieszka Michalowska 
I used to love Josephine Rings, but have gradually veered towards dots. Dots turn out smaller than the JRs as I had discovered earlier.
This is one of the rare snowflake patterns that has 7 arms! 
An error on my part had led to 7 arms on this Ice Snowflake and I didn’t discover it till months after it was shared!
In the wake of such lovely patterns, I don’t really see the obsession with 6 dendrites. Do you?

This is one snowflake I’m going to find difficult to give away, despite the watchful eyes of Santa ;-P And for 'the flower within' look, I would love to use 2 colours next time, working the rows separately.

I wish my readers a very happy, creative and satisfying future 
filled with daydreams that come true !


  1. I do like the Santa. And the snowflake is splendid, 7 points or 6.

  2. Lovely snowflake! Thanks and I wish you all the best too, hugs

  3. I really like the snowflake, even with 7 points. I think that in real life, snowflakes have 6 points due to the way they are formed, so that is why people design them that way. If you want to be really strict, you can call it a star. But it definitely has its charm.
    Happy holidays!

  4. Great big hugs, dear Jane, Renata, Ninetta, & Lavi :-)

    You are absolutely right, Lavi. I'm just glad we have creative license ;-D

  5. Gorgeous snowflake, lovely Santa,
    I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas

  6. Fabulous Santa and beautiful snowflake!! :)

  7. Seasons greetings, love your 7 armed flake. :)

  8. Thank you Margaret, Sue & Bernice :-) Happy holidays to you as well.
    I glad your post reminded me of her blog, Bernice. Your flakes are very pretty too :-)