Tuesday, 13 June 2017

undulating with one shuttle

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single shuttle medallions with tatting pattern

Thought I’d take a mini break from the project I’m working on (forgot to ask permission for sharing, so we’ll have to wait a while longer) to keep my blog alive ;-D
These were done earlier in the month, continuing with the theme of single shuttle medallions.
Undulating !
single  shuttle  medallions
There are 2 versions, with more to come – there is so much scope in the basic idea. What I showcase as Version 2 was really tatted first, but the pink one is pretty generic with huge potential, as seen in the montage below ....

version 1  prototype
This is a simple braid of half closed or half rings (HR), each of 15 stitches.
In size 20 thread, I used a picot gauge of ⅜ inch for bare thread space of half-closed rings.
Reverse work (RW) after each half ring so that alternate rings face in opposite directions.

8 half rings can be joined back into a square.
10 half rings can be joined back into a star or flower.
… and so on.
Add picots for securing the inner rings, and decorative picots on outer rings.
A pearl in the center of each half ring would look pretty for jewelry.

version 2  prototype
This is made in 2 continuous rounds, with a rosette center and half rings (HR) around. A single shuttle split ring (SSSR) is used to climb out.

Leave a tail at the start in order to secure the last SSSR*.

Rosette (worked in clockwise direction from front)
Ring1  : 3 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 3 DNRW
Ring2  : 3 + 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 3 DNRW
Ring3  : 3 + 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 3 DNRW
SSSR4 : 3 + 5 – 5 / 5 – 5 + 3 . Pass tail through the loop before closing ring. DNRW

Outer round of half rings (worked clockwise from front)
[HR1 : 15 RW    (⅜ inch bare thread space in each half ring)
HR2 : 15 LJ , RW] x 4

* The last SSSR has to be joined to first ring, and I chose to do it Takeda-style, passing the starting tail through the SSSR loop before closing it finally. 
Tug on tail and then sew it under caps of ring to hide. 
One can use Dora Young’s split ring technique, too. Some SSSR tutorial links are listed here.

Add decorative picots or beads as desired. These can probably make nice pendants & earrings ?

I was hoping to make many more variations of the above, and more versions. But all that is taking a backseat.

Okay I’ve had my rest, unwinded a bit, and some of the blocked pieces must’ve long dried. Back to my secret project, then…

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Happy Tatting !


  1. Very interesting! Now I have something else to try!

  2. Clever! I like the simplicity of the pink one, better than the other one.

  3. wow! version 2 has a nice effect! Clever that method, you used the tail to close the sssr4, then did you pull it a little to put it inside the ring? better I should try it! thank you!

  4. Thanks for lovely patterns Muskaan. Overlapping effect in second motif is amazing!!! It reminds me of Swastik.

  5. It's very interesting idea:)

  6. Reminds me of the new toy, fidgets! Hahaha

  7. The list never ends, does it Diane !

    Me too, Jane ! But interestingly, it was the 2nd one that gave me the idea fro the pink one.

    Ninetta, I simply sewed in the tail. I used to pull in the tail earlier, not any more. But hey, You are the Hiding Lady, so I’d be interested in how much further you take it :-)

    Usha, now that you mention it ! May be you can tweak it further for the swastika ?

    Thanks Anetta & Sue :-)

    Ah, lej619, it might well be a fidget ;-P

  8. lovely work I did a little square mat like this a while back, love the folded over one cute idea :)

    1. Ah, yes the pearl tatted mat - it was Lovely, Carllyn ! It was on my to-tat list. Wonder whether some subliminal forces were at work here ;-P

  9. Lovely pattern, and great just using one shuttle well done

    1. I used to think that 3 or 4 shuttles were liberating, Margaret, but am now discovering how versatile a single shuttle can be ! And fun, too :-)