Sunday, 4 June 2017

cross my heart

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tatted square, cross and heart with patterns

I was bullied into testing this enchanting square - ‘expected’ not ‘requested’. ;-P Aye, aye Cap'n !
This post is also about the mistakes revealed through photography – too late to undo and too lazy to redo L

a square ...
The Enchanting Square by Usha Shah is a pretty small square, cleverly vinstructed, and quickly tatted up. The little dots and short chains make an interesting frill as an octagon.
Taking photographs is both a revelation and a headache. I could immediately see a cross emerge from this square if one of the arms were elongated. But it also revealed that I had wrongly sewn in the last chain. Oh well !

The motif ruffles while tatting but settles down with blocking.

a cross ...
Set about tatting the cross. Again, pretty easy. But I tatted with medium tension to prevent ruffling in next round. Ooofaff,  not a perfect circle. Deal with it. 
Unsure about the length required, I tatted the 3 short arms first. This gave an idea of proportion,. 3 repeats on the long arm were sufficient,  going down one side and then back up with chains only. 
I’m ashamed, but yet another mistake reared it’s ugly head in the pics – yes, yes, the inner ring of top arm has uneven number of stitches. No wonder it skews a bit. But I’ll just jot it down to design element coz thankfully it is on the top arm, not on one of the sides :-D
And yes, the cross ruffled too, but settled easily with blocking.

I must apologize to the designer for these inadvertent mistakes. If I had more time, I would certainly tat these up again.
Many many thanks, Usha, for sharing another lovely pattern J

and a heart .
I spoke about this single shuttle challenge in my earlier post (check out some of the lovely tatting displayed by the group here) .Hadn't realised that the challenge was to tat, not strictly design. But I like the create-own-design & already have another almost complete) that I had started a fourth medallion. I had a different path and design in mind, but shuttles – even a Single one – have a mind of their own ! It just would Not follow my command, and decided to turn into a heart.

I am sharing the prototype pattern (for the record, completed on June 1st) …

 Have a Heart!
prototype pattern of a single shuttle motif
A single shuttle motif with split rings (SSSR), half rings (HR), & curled rings (CR).
Showing sequence and types of ring
Round 1 -
Start 1st SSSR with a tiny picot.
SSSR 1-4 : [3 – 10 / 5. post shuttle front to back]x 4. Join to picot. 

Round 2
R1 :3 + 3 – 3 – 3 DNRW
R2 : 3 + 6 – 3 – 3 DNRW
HR3 : 3 + 9 vsp 3. LJ DNRW
HR4 : 3 vsp 9 – 3. LJ DNRW
R5 : 3 + 3 – 6 – 3 DNRW
R6 : 3 – 3  – 3 – 3 . LJ 
BTS, Rotate
CR7 : 12 medium p 12. Pull ring thru nearest SSSR from under – over. LJ to curl. RW
HR8 : 2 – 2 RW
CR9 : 12 medium p 12. Pull ring thru nearest SSSR from under – over. LJ to curl.
Can you see the head of an elephant, too ? Or a tatted impressionism of Lord Ganesh. Elongate the bottom half ring into a trunk and we have an elephant!

Don’t you agree that this heart needs tweaks?
I welcome your suggestions on how to improve this.

happy tatting mistakes and all J


  1. Bullied or not, you've done a wonderful job!

  2. Lovely work on both pink heart is sweet too💟🌹💟

  3. Thank you Diane & Carollyn :-) Love how you overlook all my mistakes ;-P

  4. Trust me, we're not looking for mistakes! You're far more aware of them than any blog reader will be. Good ideas here, well carried out!

  5. I like the square idea and then it becomes a cross, the cross is a lovely pattern.
    We don't need to tell what needs work on, you have already work it out

  6. The square extended to a cross...what a brilliant idea!! Though there may be mistakes, the square & cross looking pretty. Hope you get time to tat it again. Ohh ! that pretty heart with single shuttle!!!! its beautiful design. A must design in my single shuttle creation!

  7. Wonderful square and cross!! :)
    Neat heart design!! :)

  8. Thank you all for your sweet comments and encouragement. I hope I can stand up to the trust you have in my designing ability :-D