Wednesday 21 June 2017

evolution of

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the dot picot on chain, on ring, and now a string !

Who would’ve thought that the dot picot could evolve so quickly, defying it’s initial definition of a 1ds ring thrown off a chain.
In May I figured out how to work a dot picot on a true ring.
And now Usha comes up with dot picots on bare thread - the dot picot string!
Pretty quick considering an evolutionary timeline.
All these are used in this
dot picot bouquet !
This bouquet consists of all 3 basic types of dot picots.

When I was asked to test tat the Exotic Pollen , I jumped at the opportunity – it is such an elegant pattern !
The inner round was a bit fiddly in my stubby fingers, and overlapped a bit. And I forgot to join one of the inner petals. But once the outer round was tatted, it lay flat and nice.
TIP : Instead of joining the pollen string to base of ring, I encapsulated it within the last half stitch of the ring, and closed ring. This was easier to work than fiddle around trying to find space in the base.
I ran out of thread on the pale yellow one, & had chosen a brighter yellow for the outer round, but this looks cute as is.

I was, still am, undecided how/where to use these motifs, hence left the tails unhidden. Any ideas ?

from leaf to stem !
This cluster of flowers needed some greens.
I started with a string of dot picots, joining back at a distance, to create the veins of a leaf. The leaf ring was to be attached to the tips. The working was fine, but I didn’t get the desired leaf shape – the string, tatted in size 20, was disproportionately large for a small leaf (forgot to take a pic). Pulled off the core thread but used the folded string as a potential branched stem.

This, however, gives an idea of the versatility of the dot picot string as the base of any pattern. It can even substitute regular chains in any pattern as Usha will soon show you (I hope).
In the initial stages I had also shared an idea with her to create a double picot with such a string of rings - I never got around to it, though.

a new leaf !
This time, I tatted a complete leaf as a true ring, adding a dot picot for a pointed tip, in consonance with the flower petals.
Then, using size 40 thread, I created the string starting from base to tip and around the leaf for the radiating veins in one continuous process. I think the finer thread and single veins look pretty good, no?!
No stitch count – free-styled it. Lays flat.

dot picot on a ring – a how to pictorial
The dot picot on leaf ring is a nothing but a loop tatted ring on ring (a 1ds LTROR) ! Simple :-) 
This LTROR technique was first shared by Sabina Madden-Carden, and there are many resources listed here, but my favourite is this set of diagrams by Anastasija

To Summarize (at this stage of its evolution):
  1. Dot picot is a 1ds ring (dot).
  2. Dot picot on chain is a thrown ring, hence requires 2 shuttles, and works as a decorative picot or to make an angular tip
  3. Dot picot on ring is a loop tatted ring on ring (LTROR) and can be worked with single shuttle. It can be either decorative or functional.
  4. Dot picot string is a row of dots on bare thread, again worked with single shuttle. It is mainly decorative and also an alternate for regular chains.      

Many many thanks to Usha for sharing her lovely patterns & creativity!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I have J

Let the knot in your tatting be a happy dot J


  1. Very interesting, muskaan and Usha. Your bouquet looks as though it should be sewn to something, perhaps a tray cloth? So good idea to leave the ends, they could be used for sewing.

  2. Beautiful n unique idea of flower bouquet Muskaan!!! Very creative. I just uploaded video on how to tat dot picot on a ring. How you attached veins to the ring?

  3. Beautiful flowers and interesting idea:)

  4. Somehow I overlooked Usha's post in my reading list, so thank you for sharing the link! This is a natural progression from the dot picots on a chain, and I'm sure they will have a lot of design applications.

  5. Fabulous bouquet and so creative!!! : )

  6. So inspiring! Both flowers and leaves are beautiful. Thank you :)

  7. I love to see this beautiful bouquet of flowers hugs from Carollyn!

  8. Thank you for your appreciation dear tatters :-)))) I went on a self-imposed net-exile to de-clutter my brain, hence the delay in responding.
    Excellent idea, Jane ! Now if I can be bothered to leave my shuttles and sew some fabric ;-P
    Usha, check out my new post in answer to your question. I’ll check out the video, too.
    Oh yes, Robin, and it is pretty easy to accomplish, too.
    Hugs to you too, Carollyn :-)
    Hope you all have a creative week ahead . Hugs

  9. It's interesting how ideas evolve! Early tatters used the term 'dot' for small shells/scallops on bare threads. It was also applied to very tiny Josephine rings. Now the dot is back in fashion, thanks to Usha and Muskaan.

    1. Thank, Judith :-) Appreciate it. Evolution (after Genetics) was my favourite subject in college ;-P