Sunday, 11 February 2018

heart square pattern

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My 2nd square pattern is ready, phew. This time I did the presentations for both squares a bit differently. Each is single page, with no listing of techniques, and no real diagrams. I had begun diagramming for the Classic square, but it wasn’t coming together easily. Rather than waste time, I notated counts on the tatted models.
Your feedback will help further improvement.
In time for Valentine’s Day ….
(click to download pdf)

Another 3x3cms square for Tat a Brussels’ monument in pink. Clovers around a central heart. Can be done in single or 2 colours. I prefer the latter. I was quite fed up with pink, so a change of colours was called for!
Worked continuously. 
In CTM, it can be tatted all from the front in clockwise direction.

I deliberately chose a dimpled ring for heart, though my preference is for the folded style 
to be certain that the shape would hold well throughout.

The picot thread can be seen across where the dimple is made. 
If you don’t like it, a bead/pearl on the picot can hide it.
Heart can also be worked as a mock ring/SCMR.

In the right model, I brought the top chain closer to the dip. 
But I don't like the look. An oval/spndle around the heart looks better.

There are clovers around the heart bridged by chains that are linked to the heart below using a Catherine wheel join (cwj) to keep the curve smooth.
NOTE: When using cwj, the core thread in the chains remains free to slide from start to end. Hence take care while snugging stitches.

UPDATE (FEB 13) :  
PLEASE NOTE : the chain before Clover4 ends with a cwj. 
4 cwj 5 cwj (for Lizbeth),  
3 cwj 4 cwj (for Anchor).
The 4th clover is again made with 2nd shuttle.

Depending on one’s tatting tension, adjust stitch count such that the outer chain 
is flush but flat around the heart. I have a tight tatting tension.

The last clover is linked back to the first clover using a picot join to the right.
TIP: Before making the join, ensure that Both shuttles are on the same side – preferably to the front – because there is a short chain still to be worked at the end.

Since we needed a specific dimension, the pdf contains instructions for 
size 20 threads in Lizbeth & Anchor both.


A Valentine’s Variation of Classic Square :

As promised in last post, here’s what Anita did – ‘tis the season after all! Hearts instead of plain ol’ rings, and layered to boot! Rest of the square pattern remains same.

(heart variation) : Ring: 6 – 6, 4fhs – 4shs, 6 – 6

TIP: The picot between seta & setb “emphasizes the point of changing directions”.

Now how about interlocking the 4 hearts – I’ll have to needle-tat it some day!

happy tatting J


  1. Muskaan!! Those are wonderful!!! Now, see. I told you that you were a designer. You have the talent to see what you want and how to get it. I have some ideas but no talent for figuring out how to make it work. You just have a gift. Beautiful work, too.

    1. LOL, Tim, our virtual paths just crossed ! I was watching your video ...
      Thanks for the compliment and this time I will not contradict you. I Am getting the hang of creating flat, symmetrical designs, even if they are mostly small at present.
      But it took me 2-3 years of meaningful tatting and overcoming the '2D fear'. So if I can, you Definitely can. Give it time :-) Feel free to ask, too - everybody is so helpful.

  2. These little heart squares are fabulous and perfect timing for Valentine's day too. You are doing great and one thing i don't do is the know how to make the pattern with computter that takes time and talent too 😄 but when i started blogging I impressed my self with learning the skill of photography, And really wasn't interested in that, it was a had to thing. The pattern making with computer is another one i will someday work on.😏

    1. Carollyn, it Does a LOT of time to do all the pattern writing and presentation on the computer - way longer than it would take to tat. But for now I look upon each as an improvement upon the previous, and a learning experience.
      Your skill in photographing & your wonderful backdrops are very inspiring!!!

  3. When I saw your title I thought how can a heart be squared, But when I saw the picture all become clear, I love your square heart, I think I will try this pattern when I get time. In the meantime thank you for sharing the pattern

    1. LOL< now if more people tat, they will multiply manifold, not just squared, Margaret. Hope they are ...

  4. Beautiful cosy little heart sitting in middle of the square!!! Lovely pattern with much needed color change! Try bright red color thread for heart Muskaan!

    1. Will you make me do all the work, Usha? I've left the red to you ;-P
      I was thoroughly tired of working with pinks and needed a break. A golden heart is not that bad ;-P

  5. I love them! Great job. Carollyn is right. You are a designer. You were designing when you created your 3d work. It's just that you are finally realizing what the rest of us knew all along.

    1. You've all been so supportive throughout, Eliz! I was probably a 'designer' with a major mental block which is clearing now ;-P

  6. That is a little beauty, I love it, already downloaded...

    1. Will I get to see your version soon, Nin?

  7. That is an adorable motif! Thanks for sharing the design. I've downloaded it, and I hope to tat some soon.

  8. Anita's overlapping heart variation is charming, too. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. It is, isn't it, Eliz! Clever adaptation.

  9. PLEASE NOTE : the chain before Clover4 ends with a cwj.
    4 cwj 5 cwj SS for Lizbeth,
    3 cwj 4 cwj SS for Anchor.

  10. Beautiful heart squares and bookmark :)