Wednesday, 28 February 2018

I love tatting 3D

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This month’s task was laid out by Renata – my favourite kind of tatting – 3D !!! She has listed some very inspiring projects and I wanted to tat them all !!! Participants have already sent in quite a few completed projects. My apologies for not being able to comment on each blog. I’ll wait to catch up in the round-up.

As soon as I read the task, my mind started building up ideas – it was getting difficult to choose! Time (the 4thD?) always sprints many paces ahead of me. This month it went even faster ;-P 
I have ended up with a medley of past, but as yet unshared, projects.

I Love Tatting / Kocham frywolitke – February 2018

While rummaging for this star flower medallion (bottom right), I came across an old edging. It is actually the center of Renulek's 2014 Spring doily. After 7 rings, I switched direction and repeated thus getting 4 alternating segments (see collage below). At the time I was trying to create an edging but it went awry ;-P

3D Carnation
It coiled easily into a possible flower, though as in the one against black background. Intending to make that 'rose' shape, I needled green thread through all the picots. When pulling tight, I liked the carnation-style shape much better! Worked a 3-sepal calyx (tubular), then carried on down encapsulating the thick threads, with a spiral chain and added floating twisted picots for leaves. For the bottom pair I twisted 2 threads together, then hiding one again.

3D Lavender trial
Next is the overlapping onion rings trial. many of you may recognise my inspiration - a pin from on pinterest.
I think it came out okay, considering it the only trial I did. Need to make time to practice and make more.

3D Star Flower trial/prototype
Remember my overlapping split ring effect I shared here? This is a 5-sided medallion that emerged from that motif.
The later repeats have the right stitch count to show a balance between overlap and negative space. 
Obviously need to change the colours used. But I also want to try it with 2 thread sizes. Would a thinner thread show a better effect? This looks too bulky.

3D Kayak trials
This was a request from a kayaking enthusiast (some of you may be able to identify who ;-P). I started it in early 2015! 
Again, to create a 3D effect, I used overlapping split rings. Notice the single curled ring on the right ? And a twisted picot for the pointed end. I wanted to come back with a straight line to show depth, once the body was completed.
Thinking I had a good idea of the process, I started afresh with the tinted blue. This time I used 4 overlapping split rings for the broadest center and also flipped the overlapping SR. 
Unfortunately this is as far as it sailed ;-( Haven't had time to pick it up again.
I still think the overlapping SRs have quite a potential to create any geometric shape with faux Celtic effect.

Hope these will be accepted by the talented Renata & Justyna. I do love 3D tatting - all my early patterns are 3D freeform! 
And the book from from which this pic was taken .....

happy tatting everybody J


  1. I don’t remember the overlapping split rings. I really like the effect. Faux celtic describes it well.

  2. Beautiful, I remember you mentioning how you love flowers with tatting. My favorite is carnations the one you made and the real one 😄 they are all beautiful 💖🌹💖

  3. Beautiful work!
    especially amaze me a star
    kind regards

  4. Beautiful! Love the overlapping split rings! You're funny but very right about the 4th dimension!

  5. Thank you ladies :-)))
    Glad that the overlapping SRs have inspired you. Any patterns/applications forthcoming?

  6. Wow!! You have been busy!! You are so creative and inspiring!!! :)
    I love the star!!! :)

  7. Interesting post, I am a bit behind with commenting, I like 3D tatting and your flower is a great idea, I like that idea the most, I am sure the split ring levendar would world well and look brilliant in a bouquet of tatted flowers.

  8. Thank you everybody :-))))
    Sue, these are all old projects (except for finishing off the carnation) 2014 to 2017 !
    Great idea, Margaret - if not a bouquet, probably a basket ! Stay tuned

  9. I like all four of them, although I don't understand the kayak one very well (I guess I'm not too familiar with them in real life either).
    I have made a 3D rose before, with only split rings, but I like your carnation better. I will try to make one, do you think it needs the direction change every 7 rings or can it be done without?
    I was thinking of the plastic flowers some people use for decorations. Your 3D flowers could do the same job, but would look much nicer.

    1. Lavi, I should've clarified that both the kayak 'models' are incomplete. These are very much DIPs (designs in progress) where I was tinkering with ideas.

      Jeanne Lugert's rose has been on my to-tat list forever! Funnily, I ended up making this instead, though using her idea to gather the rings up ;-P
      I believe the direction change helps to create that ruffled gather. Otherwise it would become more like concentric circles - a rose effect.

      I have quite a collection of fairly life-like plastic flowers (all stashed away now). My 3D flowers are too tiny, but I hope to use them in this month's challenge about Spring and colours.

  10. Replies
    1. I fell in love with the effect as soon as I laid eyes on it, Coretta. Of course I haven't done justice to it, but one lives and learns :-)