Wednesday, 14 February 2018

beautiful hearts

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First, erratum in Heart Square pattern : I have updated the pdf and also written it out in my previous post here. If you have printed, add the ‘cwj’; otherwise please download the pdf again.

Usha sent me this quote after seeing my heart square :
Y One beautiful heart is more  important than a million beautiful faces. Y
This post is all about beautiful hearts in the tatting world. I have been fortunate to share their special friendship as well their creativity, making tatting that much more pleasurable.
So dedicating this to All my tatting friends, many of who have a presence in this compilation. 

Rose Bookmark
I had the pleasure of testing and diagramming it for her. It is such a fabulous adaptation, extension & application of Vicki's original. In one pattern you have a bookmark, pendant and earrings! 
In diagram – change in colour denotes turn or reverse work. and switch shuttles. The accompanying pics of tatting steps further clarify the process in her beautifully laid out pdf.
Judith reminded us of the reverse join instead of lock join. With the former, the rose can be worked with ball & shuttle instead of 2 shuttles.

I added a bud and some floating twisted picots for thorns
The bud needs some tweaking.

In answer to a question in class – We are using 3 threads for pearl tatting the stem, adding the third thread as directed.
‘Pearl tat in sets of 6’ means you make 6 unflipped stitches with one shuttle then 6 with the other shuttle, over the 3rd core thread (thus encapsulating it). This tutorial & this stepwise pictorial show how to get the sets to face in opposite directions. 
This time I cheated making sets of normal 6 ds by using the ‘encapsulated’ thread in shuttle and alternating the green threads to form the stitch. This made it easier to twist the picots for thorns.

The stitches should’ve been snugged closer to make the chain more compact and stiff. I needed to stiffen it with diluted white PVA. It does work!
I would’ve loved to make a Josephine chain with thorns, but using finer thread for the stitches.

The pattern is free on her blog.

UPDATECheck out Coretta's tutorial on the multiple ways in which this rose can be worked, not including all-chains (starting with a mock ring).


I chose to do the rose in yellow again for my niece for her book.
YA friend is the best gift ! Y
The collage shows the other bookmarks that will go into her big book of 
'what happens after' in popular fairy tale stories ! Clockwise from top left, - 
Morning Glory bookmark (my virtual soulmate, Eliz) ; 
Rose bookmark (creative Coretta from Craftree) ; & 
Jane's bookmark (my hands-on inspiration Jane McLellan)

Rosebud  Heart
The little rosebud effect in this Rose Circle doily posted by Ka-ryun intrigued me. You know I love layers! Initially I mistook it for some kind of onion ring. However, these are simple rings that are inserted inside one another before joining on the way back. I worked a heart shape around it.
This was a quick trial. The ring size needs tweaking to better resemble a rosebud. 

by Anita Barry (my tatting mate)
This belonged with her tip in previous post. But I deliberately saved it for now.
However, I will now add the pic there as well. You can clearly see how the picot between 4 first half stitches (seta) & 4 second half stitches (setb) creates a pronounced dip.

Heart Square
Usha Shah's red heart model!
See the heart square in red & pink, worked by Usha (the friendly dot picot tatter)!
I was sick of working with pink after my 5-day marathon and had opted for a gold and purple combo. I'm glad she did the work for me ;-P

There are so many others, not named here, who have immensely enriched my tatting life in these few short years. Y My thanks to each one of you for your beautiful heart. Y

Y wishing you many happy hours of hearty tatting  Y


  1. Very pretty rose bookmark with added bud n thorns��all gifting bookmarks are just lovely.lucky is the recipient�� thanks for adding my rose motif Muskaan.

  2. Great rose bookmark and good information about other bloggers also.

  3. You have given forth many beautiful creations :) its a heart attack in a good way with no cholesterol. :)

  4. Hearts hearts and more hearts, I saw the heart bookmark and got the pattern, I'm going to try the pattern as soon as I can. I love the other heart patterns, I never made a heart in tatting this year, have a great Valentine's Day

  5. What a wonderful tribute to our fellow tatters. I'm honored to be among them. I'm very thankful for your friendship. You inspire and encourage me. Thank you.

    I love what you've done with Vicki's rose!

  6. I really like the rose bookmark, the bud you added is a nice touch. Also thank you for the heart square pattern, it is really cute! I will have to try them at some point... when I muster the courage to learn the new techniques.
    There is so much friendship in your post and in the comments, it makes me happy that tatting has built such a community.

  7. Thank you all so very much ! I treasure your friendship & support.
    It struck me later that yellow rose symbolizes friendship! How apt.
    (((hugs to all)))

    'heart attack' - Love it Carollyn :-) Reminded me of that superb program - Art Attack.

    Missed you, Lavi :-) Yes, it is a Great community.

  8. Oh I feel so honored, especially as it is you who have helped me! This experience has brought me so much joy.

    I love the list of lovely new things to try and tatters togetto know. :)

    1. Coretta, the names listed here are just the proverbial tip of the 'N'iceberg! There are so many many more I have learned from, been challenged and inspired by, interacted with pleasure .... and continue to do so.

  9. The rose bookmark is very beautiful :)

    1. It does look so natural, doesn't it, Anetta! All credit to Coretta for adapting the design so beautifully.

  10. Przepiękna różana zakładka :)