Thursday, 29 March 2018

tray cover wannabe

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Firstly before I forget, I have edited a few images showing the patterns from Vrinda’s squares. The notation was opposite to the working order. I’m aghast at my clumsiness; I guess the viral effect had not worn off :-( So please check out the revised directions when you plan on making them.

As I indicated in the previous post, I’ve started making these 3x3cms squares from the patterns sent in to Tat a Brussels’ Monument in Pink. It is my way of trying out all the lovely patterns and create a few more that I have sketched.

Worked in size 40, cream. So far, they are not all the same size and I may have to add an outer chain round to a few. I’ve made a couple more, but no pics yet.
I need to start joining the new squares to these as I go. But that will not give me enough leeway to play with arrangement. So perhaps I will hold off and make a thin insertion. Sound good?

Besides Vrinda’s squares (some are repeated), I now have Frivolé’s Reverse Quatrain ...

I started with an outer ring, throwing off the central ring with a mock picot between, and then continuing around. If we start the outer ring as a SCMR, then we can work the whole medallion with a ball and shuttle.
Frivolé also experimented without the central ring.

... and Henna J Hwang’s Fortuna Square (scroll through the album for this well-laid out pattern)

I tried one of the large rings as a mock ring but I liked the shape of the true ring better. Of course, the mock ring or chain option again allows us to work off a ball with single shuttle.

I enjoy working little patterns – quickly worked and can be used in numerous ways!
Since these pics were taken, I've worked a couple more from other patterns, but now I will share only when I have made substantial headway. I am using this project as a final hour for that end-of-a-busy day.

Tomorrow I have something exciting to show you .... so don't go far ;-P 

Wishing you happy hours of tatting always 
many thanks to the designers for sharing their beautiful patterns :-)


  1. I think an insertion would work well to link the squares. The thought of combining squares in some way has been hovering in my mind, but you’re way ahead of me! I also think of turning some of them into earrings. One day....

    1. It's going to be a slow project, Jane, but I have a couple of ideas for insertion, if you think they are good enough -
      1. your leaf braid,
      2. a block chain (we might need straight parallel chains with picots to add the block tatting),
      3. a zigzagging chain
      4. a split ring braid
      I'd still like the focus to remain on the squares.
      Would love to see your working !
      Oh, and your earrings idea is fantastic :-)))

  2. Thanks for the update and link I don't have Facebook so it was nice to see these pretty new squares she has done. You know my total favorites are 1,2,3,5 and 8 but what I love most about tatting is that you can mix and match or each square design could stand with it's own creating a different look with many of it's own kind. Hopefully this makes sense love your post have great day🐇⚘🐇

    1. I'm not on facebook either Carollyn, but now that Cathy has changed the settings, we can see her albums & pics. It took me a while to learn to navigate.
      Totally agree about the same square acting as a medallion as well as a motif.
      Just imagine how beautiful Cathy's pink tatted fabric will be!

  3. I think that people will still be designing and making squares even after the Brussels event, which is really nice. I look forward to seeing how you connect your squares together. Maybe use an element that is not part of any of the squares, so that they each stand out...

    1. True, Lavi, and I'll have to increase my Inchies dimensions to match these :-D
      I've detailed a few insertion ideas under Jane's comment, but your suggestion to use a new element is intriguing and exciting!
      Also, I may have to think up a magic pathway to join the squares if I want to avoid too many cuts & ties... hmmm

  4. I did enjoy tatting the squares I have a few ideas, I did share the updates as I know several people and family are following it but they are tatters.

    1. I'm grateful to you for sharing the updates, Margaret. A go-to list!