Wednesday, 3 October 2018


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- tied and taped 
Blossoms Motifs 10-15

The number of thieves caught is growing. Alibaba has to find a way to keep them at bay while going after the rest. Yes, they have to be corralled – all tied around and taped behind securely!

Remember I asked about a way to store them besides the clear envelope? I got some very good & helpful answers. Except that I hadn’t explained the entire scenario. So here’s my solution where I can see each motif frontside up, in the orientation I think is best. Tied with a string on a transparency sheet and taped over the knot behind. This method helps me keep track of many factors and makes for easy reference when working a new motif. September-end saw 20 of them corralled, though I am sharing patterns for only the following 6 this time.
All worked in Lizbeth size 20 from the Sunkist pack and green from the Ice mix pack. Another possible garland with Motifs 10-16.
Techniques : single shuttle, rings only, rosette, picot join to the right,  lock join, lark's head or luggage tag, bare thread space, fs/bs tatting .  

Blossoms Motif #10
2" × 1½"

Blossoms Motif #11
<2” × 1¼"
Some of the motifs look good when oriented differently.

I had shared a pic of the 6 fully wound shuttles here
A Pony bobbin holds around 8 meters or 8.75 yards (320”) of Lizbeth size 20 thread.
Finally after 11 motifs + 1 corner + 1 butterfly, all bobbins were free of their load. 
Green shuttle emptied earlier, after 9 motifs and 1 corner.
Pretty good use, eh?!

Blossoms Motif #12
2" × 1¼"

Blossoms Heart (idea)
Motifs 10, 11 & 12 arranged in a somewhat heart-shape. With a bit of tweaking, a deeper dimple, it could work ..

Blossoms Motif #13
<2¼” × 1¼"

Blossoms Motif #14
>2" × >1¼"

Blossoms Motif #15
Here the numbers in black show that the segment is split in order to make a join. Rest of the petal(s) are worked according to the white numbers.

Since these are all first attempts and I won’t be repeating any, I just have to wing it as best I can. If I were to repeat, I would tat a few of them a bit differently – in terms of where to join or where to place leaves or size, add a joining picot, etc. so as to give a better visual effect/shape. Overall, though, I am quite happy. Each one is unique, yet fits into the theme!

Motifs 13, 14 & 15 reoriented

Blossoms Bracelet/pendant (idea)
Motifs 13 & 15 placed in yin-yang style. 
I like to think of this as the start of a possible bracelet or pendant. Add a pearl in the center of each rosette and tat a braid around. Or perhaps just add a string(s) of pearls?

That's all for now, folks. Show's over and you may return to your tatting :-D Thanks for stopping by and "cheer"ing ;-P


  1. A lot of ways to arrange those pretty bouquets!

    1. It's Fun playing with the arrangements, Jane, which is why I will sew them only when all 40 are tatted 😉

  2. It's like a fun game and a great feeling that happens with looking at the colors too🦋

    1. It is quite a game, Carollyn and we like to play ;-P The only part I dread is sewing them on later, which is why I've already started sewing the edging (halfway through).

  3. Your flowers brighten my days!! :)

    1. Sue, I'm going to miss their brightness, too, when they get sent off.

  4. Your work always brightens! Thank you!

    1. Me, since these are in a clear sleeve and on top of my papers, I see them constantly and still haven't tired!

  5. I am so fascinated by these motifs and their combinations. I'm not sure if it is the colors (yes, I can still be led astray by pretty colors), the simplicity or the puzzle of putting them all together. Thank you for sharing.

    1. It does have a lot to do with the colours, Linda - such a joy working them :-) But I also like the simple shapes they take - I never know how each motif will turn out!