Tuesday, 23 October 2018

this baby wants to fly

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and needs a little nudge from volunteers. Remember the trial butterfly that I wanted to convert to Cluny tatting? Well, it's finally done and I have many little butterflies to show for my effort... 

This is a composite pic of my various trials and tweaks. 
My tatting mates Ninetta, Jane M, and Anita 
have already been of tremendous help with their enthusiastic feedback.

Worked in size 20 Anchor (or similar thick thread), 
the final versions measure 2cms x 2cms.

Techniques include -
2 shuttles with 2 different colours
Colour Cluny tatting
Lock chain
Under – Over or Alligator Join

I am now looking for a couple (more the merrier!) of tatters to test the written pattern.
Anybody interested, please leave a comment or email me . 

It is a fairly quick tat if you know the techniques, 
or it can act as a practice pattern for Cluny tatting.

Thanks in advance :-)


  1. They are so cute!!! :)
    The blue and yellow ones make me think of fireflies. ;)

  2. Supet cute! A terrific practice project!

  3. I'm thrilled that you all find them cute :-))) Thank you so much.
    They have now flitted away for testing ...

  4. Thank you Margaret & Jenn. Found a 9th butterfly and have uploaded a pic in new post