Sunday, 28 October 2018

school photo day

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tatted butterflies, square and oval doily

In my previous post I uploaded a school photo day (of all the Coloured Cluny butterflies). But guess what, one of them was too knotty or too shy to face the camera! Found it only when it peeped out from under the looms! 
So here’s a special group photo in celebration, this time with an old teacher standing guard. 
Can you spot which one was missing? (answer at end of post)

A group of butterflies is called a “flutter”, so ...

Question 1 : What should a collective or group of tatters be called ????

This large butterfly is the Butterfly Medallion No. 169 from a 1916 Corticelli booklet. 
I found the pattern here. I followed the rewritten pattern, but some counts are missing.
I’d intended to work it in size 40 white for it’s delicate lacy effect. But with so many cuts and ties, what's the harm in colouring it up to highlight the floral wings?! 

 These are the individual pieces, to be joined later with a pretty trim around each of the ‘florets’. I had to add stitches to floret chains to accomodate the decorative picots.
Re-tatted the body and made twisted (floating) picots this time.

I continued but have already unravelled & re-tatted a number of times. 
With so much back and forth, I am no longer enjoying it. 
So did it get mutilated or transformed? 
To solve that mystery, stop by tomorrow – you may be in for a surprise!

Sparkle Fusion is Usha’s new medallion 
fusing together the dot picot string and variable treble stitches. 
I had the pleasure of test tatting it - her swirl join variation. Worked in Anchor size 20. 
A variable tds creates a nice little peak or scallop on the outer edge of the stitch! 

Scrappy Doily after 5 rounds 
In Anchor Size 20, it is now 4” x 3¼” – I got my oval !!! 
All those suggestions have helped. Too many tatters, unlike too many cooks, did Not spoil ;-P 

Placed on the grid to confirm. 
Click here for earlier musings & notes. 

The truant butterfly !

Question 2 : Should this Coloured Cluny Butterfly be called Ready to Fly butterfly?
One of the names has 2 votes out of 3 (not saying which!), but what’s your choice?

Eager to read your answers ....
flutter by with tatting , always


  1. You know my choice. I like the big butterfly, yes it makes sense to use different colours if you have to cut anyway. Oval is looking good, I hope you can maintain the shape now.

    1. Thanks, Jane :-)))
      I'm going to switch to all-chains round for the oval now just for the fun of it :-D

  2. Q1: horde, or the great tatters' tribe, aren't we? Q2: the "my-second-wing-is-better butterfly", a name given in the field... Thank you so much for the pattern and the fun👍 ⚘⚘⚘

    1. "Tatters' Tribe" seems perfect, Ninetta!!
      Okay, you are just messing with me on Q2, but thanks anyway ;-P

  3. Wow!!! You are always so busy! Lots of wonderful tatting!!! :)
    Love your butterflies. When Jane McLellan posted hers I called it the Tally Winged Butterfly(since she calls clunies, tallies). ;)

    1. Ah, Sue, so I guess your vote will be counted under Coloured Cluny butterfly! "Tally Winged" does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it!