Friday, 17 February 2017

in the fold !

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It's always fun to learn a new technique.  And then experiment, compare, ....

In Tatting Design class, Susan Fuller introduced the half moon split ring as a design element.  I had tried it only once before, then forgotten about it. This time was different, having acquired some more experience and understanding of multiple techniques.

Splitting Rings

The half moon split ring (hmsr) , to me, is worked like an upside down split ring (SR) !!!
The shuttle 1 flipped stitches and colour show up on the Lower/right side ; in Split ring, they show up on the upper/left half.
Stitches in both halves face the same side in hmsr,  while they face outwards throughout the split ring.

 It forms a double arc like a crescent or a half moon, depending on stitch count of the 2 arcs.
If 2 colours are used, we can tat up a scalloped braid or a wavy row of rings.
Add a bead in the notch and you have yourself a neat little bracelet !!!
Decorative picots or seed beads on the outer arc create even more interest.
In center of 1st pic, 3 hmsr joined back form a kind of triangular inner line (ecru), and scalloped on the outside (pink).
And notice the wavy line undulating around an almost straight line  in 2nd pic ?
Many possibilities and effects.

Folding Rings 

While practising the hmsr, it was pretty natural to compare it with Folded Rings .
(Curled ring is another way to "fold' a ring, and is compared with Folded Rings here).

And after figuring out how to create a table on my tablet, I prepared a comparative and characteristic tabulation. (Table format gets lost when copy-pasted here, hence the pdf route)

Download  Table comparing Folded Ring and Half Moon Split Ring  (revised Feb 17, 2017 in response to Martha's comment below) 

The pics show practice and experimental pieces, hence not of best quality, nor consistent.  Stitch counts, though, were kept largely consistent for comparison.
HMSR braid (2nd pic) : shuttles were switched between rings.
1. (SH1 loop) 12/8
2. (SH2) 12/8
3. (SH1) 12/12
4. (SH2) 12/6
5. (SH1) 12/16
Compare hmsr #1 & 5, both made in same manner, but with more stitches in inner arc. And suddenly the inner arc becomes the outer arc !!!
What if the both halves were equal ? Wouldn't it look like a double scallop, but with one colour hidden ? Nice way yo carry a chain effect !

Folded Rings (3rd pic)
1. 12 set a 8
2. 8 set b 12
3. 12 set a 6 set b 12
These are only a few. So many more can be found on Martha's tutorial.

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I apologise for not staying in touch - down with the flu . Hope to get back in the loop soon. Till then, happy tatting :-)
Oh, and there just might be a surprise introduction to another "project" I have involved in this past week. 


  1. Hope you soon feel better, lots of information in this post I need time to take it all in, so will be back to re read another day,

  2. Hope you're soon fit again! Interesting. I've never come across half moon split rings before. So many possibilities....

  3. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Thank you for another excellent tatting investigation. By the way, my folded rings can also be made as split rings.

    Here is a link to a pdf file of my folded ring technique, which should show up better:

  4. Thank you for your kind wishes, Margaret, Jane , & Martha :-)
    I enjoy learning new techniques and studying, exploring, experimenting a bit. Not everything gets applied, though.

    Martha, your intervention is precious ! I have revised and updated the table to include your link, and data. Folded ring technique is among my favourite go-to for both regular and 3D tatting. Thanks again :-)

  5. I hope you feel better soon, Muskaan.

  6. Always fun to see what you are up too !

  7. Hat off to you, both for the post and the tatting. HMSR it's a headache for me, partly for the size 80 thread, it doesn't lay as I want. I used your stitch count. At a certain point, I started using the folded ring trick for the second shuttle, and it went a little better. Probably I should tat one meter of these lol!

  8. Home you enjoyed your weekend Sue, Tim, Carollyn, & Ninetta :-) The viral elephant has left the room, only a long tail left ;-P

    Ninetta, you are a brave brave lady to learn a new technique with size 80 ! I forgot to tell in post that a smooth, tightly spun thread would probably work better - easier to close rings. Your combination seems interesting - will you post pics ?