Thursday, 23 February 2017

there's a new ...

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blogger in town ! 
Remember the 'new project' I mentioned in a recent post ? Well, this is it :-D

Please join me in welcoming a tatter, designer, experimenter, and much more ....
Heeeeeere's .... drumroll please ...

the head and hand behind 

She's been around for a while. I first noticed her lovely tatted rakhis (bracelets, kind of) on InTatters. Then we followed each other on Pinterest.  She makes a rare appearance on Craftree. Our correspondence never really took off, till a couple of weeks back. 
We are losing many of our bloggers to Facebook. Here's a tatter who comes from Facebook :-) She has shared some beautiful tatting and applications there, and let's hope she will soon share them all on her blog.

One example is her Dot Picot Motif that I had the privilege to tat. It is not as lovely as her original, and even has an extra picot on one of the chains, so I'll fall back on a foggy flu-ridden head and slow hands (not an excuse, incidentally) ;-P

What is a dot picot, you ask ? Let's head over to her blog where she shares the entire pattern in her first post, with a promise of many more to come :-)

I love the decorative density of the dot picots - it provides interest,  highlight,  and texture. They got better, more manageable,  as I tatted.

TIP : When closing the dot picot ring, I found that the core thread should be pulled straight for smooth closure in one fluid movement,  unlike when closing regular rings.
Also, use a smooth, tightly spun tatting thread. Perle cotton may resist closure.

She is still a bit diffident. So let's all welcome her to our warm supportive blogging TatLand :-) Do stop by her blog and say hello

happy tatting always :-)

Did this post read like an ad or promo ? It kinda is ; but friendly, not materially ;-P Probably a fallback of the notification flashing on my blogger dashboard, informing me that my acvount now qualifies for an AdSense fast-tracking with an amount thrown in (it could buy a dizen balls of Anchor Mercer Every Month ! ) ;-D Ain't gonna happen !


  1. thank you for sharing this new blogger!
    I follow your blog every day and now I will follow also hers
    Thank you for sharing your patterns, I'm now tatting my second heart block bracelet. It is a very nice pattern and I love to tat it!

    1. Hi Maria ! Happy to know you are enjoying the bracelet pattern :-)
      Now I can happily say that the heart to heart to heart to ... truly did become a meeting of hearts with both Usha and you becoming visible :-)

  2. Thanks, I've added her to my blog list. I am always looking for new tatting blogs to follow but sometimes they can be hard to find!

    1. Robin, I have 'poached' many a blog from yours ;-P

  3. Thank you so much Muskaan for introducing in such a wonderful way!!! ☺️ happy to learn that Maria n Robin will follow me too.

  4. Hooray another tatting blog! You are so good at sharing!

    1. Yay, Michelle, I thought you had lost your way here ;-P Hope you're doing well.

  5. I love meeting new bloggers! Thank you for sharing the link! I hope you recover from the flu soon... nasty stuff!

  6. Looks like you did a great job on her design!! :)
    I hope you are feeling better soon!!! :)

  7. A new blogger I will follow your link when I have finished this comment.
    Lovely design and if that's the beginning then there will be interesting times to come
    Hope you are getting better

  8. The bracelets are great! I' m not one for tatted jewellry, but might just tat one!

  9. Thanks Diane, Sue, Margaret, & Fox . We can never get enough of tatting ;-P
    Eager to see your version, Fox, whenever you get into the mood :-)

  10. Thanks for telling us about this. Added her to my blog list.

  11. Muskaan - It's been awhile!

    Thanks for introducing us to your new blogger friend. I'll have to contact her as I'll want to add her blog to my site ;-)

    Hope you are well.. I've been so out of touch with the whole tatting lately :(

    Looks like I've got a lot of reading to do.. And looking forward to it :)

  12. Thanks Tim & Susan :-) It's so nice to see you again, Susan !!!

    I am so gratified by the enthusiastic response of the tatting community to a new blogger :-) Way to go !