Monday, 15 August 2016

picking on picots

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I’ve sensed this for a long time & this medallion confirms it. Anchor Crochet Cotton that is made in India by Madura Coats is thicker than the size 20s & 40s (of any brand) that I see you tatters using. In fact, it is thicker now than the old thread I have ! Makes it very difficult to follow a pattern with long picots.

(aka Woven Center Flower)
Robina Melville
first published in Ring of Tatters Newsletter #72, Spring 2016
This is such an elegant pattern !

Materials : Anchor Cotton size 20, Art. 4054. Golden yellow – 0307 ; red – 046
2 shuttles ; picot gauge : 2.5cm & 3 cms
Techniques I used : long picots, woven picots, split rings, thrown rings, lock join, SSSR to climb out.

Round 1 : 1⅛”
My first attempt failed, as I had sensed, due to difference in thread brand :-( The last ring didn’t even have any space to fit in (top right in pic) !
Increased the picot sizes & the 2nd attempt worked.
TIP : I used a threaded tapestry needle to easily weave the picots, otherwise it was a bit fiddly in the cramped centre.

Climbing Out
For my own recollection, there many ways 2 colours can be used in 1st round & still climb out to next round without tying & cutting both threads.
1. Climb out with a SSSR in red, while hiding the yellow tail in first half of the SSSR.
I had to do this, because I didn’t think ahead & I wasn’t sure what colour(s) I wanted for next round.
2. Wind 3 shuttles : Sh1 with yellow; and 2 shuttles wound CTM with red. Thus while climbing out, we hide the yellow within a split ring. This is what I could’ve done.
3. Double Core SSSR to hide the yellow within & keep the SSSR red. This, in fact, gives us the option to continue with both colours for next rounds, yet keeping the ring a single colour – either red or yellow. I had tried this for the first time here, with a slight adaptation.

Round 2 : 2¼”
Round 3 : 3” 
I absolutely Love this medallion & enjoyed tatting it. Hey, even my long chains behaved !

Although, I did make a mistake – a picot in one of the outer chains – an expected outcome of trying to watch the Olympics & tat. Noticed too late, so folded the picot behind & glued it. Will sew it in later.

Flashback to May 2014

My very first attempt at woven picots was when I saw these lovely earrings by Lilas Lace. I was going through a phase of learning different picots & effects - the net kept throwing up such gorgeous tatting ! 
So these earrings both inspired & intrigued me & using her basic idea, I attempted to tat it.
The stitchcount is my own & I included 2 colours & Josephine Rings. Didn't have findings/hooks... This can work as a pendant, too.
This is the 'before' pic. More practice with picot gauge was needed then, but blocking the piece now has helped a bit. 

and this one is for Michelle !
Remember this, Michelle ? A while back I had tried to duplicate the look of that tatted model in pinterest that you shared. Tried a few things in size 40, but don’t know where I’ve misplaced them. Will turn up some day. 
Before posting, I usually do another round of online research for resources. And guess what - Karen already Has a video of these !!! They are called Interlocking Picots (why do the tutorials turn up After I've gone through the grime ?! I need better perception & recognition).
Had some thread left on the shuttles after the medallion, and quickly tatted another for this post before I forget again. 

Many thanks to Robina & Georgia, 
to Lilas, & to Karen
happy tatting :-)

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  1. If you like weaving the picots, I have a free pattern I got off the internet that is no longer there it is for a bookmark. let me know I look it up I have fun with it before I started blogging never posted it but very cute.

    1. Please do share it, Carollyn ! Never hurts to stash patterns ;-D
      And do post your working, too.

    2. Okay give me couple days I got a mess of pattern you will love it!

  2. I love Robina's Elizabeth pattern, only you would think of doing it in different colors. Very Nice.

    1. Just Have to increase the challenge a notch, Bernice ;-P
      I liked it, too, as soon as I set eyes on it !

  3. Your "Elizabeth" is beautiful! Thanks for all the tips. :)

  4. Your "Elizabeth" looks great. I hated to miss class this evening, but we had a minor emergency around here that tied me up until just past the hour. I look forward to trying the medallion. It's a beautiful design.

    1. Life weaves it's way into our tatting, doesn't it ?! Will look forward to your version, Eliz :-)

  5. Woven picots - what a good idea! I've never seen those before. Love the effect. Yes, I've noticed that different brands are sometimes different thicknesses for the 'same size'. You overcame that drawback magnificently.

    1. I've been noticing that difference in thickness within the same ball of thread now, Jane :-((( It made mush of a bookmark I was winging. I do like my 2nd attempt at the weaving, based on failure.

  6. I've seen the woven picots before, but I've never had the nerve to try them. I really struggle with picot lengths, and I don't have the patience to fiddle with them. Maybe I will some day!

    1. I'm getting a bit better at using a picot gauge, but I totally agree that they can be fiddly, Diane. But I love to try new effects, techniques at least once whether I repeat them later or not :-)

  7. Great projects!!! :) You tatted them beautifully!!! :)

    1. Actually, Sue, when I look at the earrings tatted 2 years back, I can see how bad my tatting was. But I'm very pleased with the improved working of this medallion :-)

    2. I know that feeling when I look at how much I have learned in my 5 1/2 years of tatting now. :)

  8. I printed out the pattern yesterday we the notion of tatting it while I was away, you did a great job with the woven picots, I have never tried it so this pattern really interested me.

    1. Will keep an eye out for when you post pics of your working, Margaret :-)

  9. Ha! This is great! The out are amazing!