Monday, 29 August 2016

A bit here a bit there

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a medley of tatting, as the title suggests, and in no particular order …

Floral Fantasy Doily 
Kathleen Minniti 

Round 7 – measures 6¼”
Rings – 0289 (2 strands) ; Chains – 4054-0359 (size 40)

I began the round using the same yellow crochet cotton as in earlier row. But the picots were airier & distinct. Cut it off & replaced with embroidery thread to imitate the orange flowers.
Very quick tat around !
Fresh off the shuttles; no blocking. Will block only at end, when fraying picots...
Now need to figure out the next rounds. No stitch count posted yet, but before that I need to figure out how to tat the 2 rounds - probably tat them together.... let's see.

The Sixteenth Day of December Snowflake
Lene Björn

finished size : 3½”  Size 40
threads : 2 colours in Anchor size 40 (Art 4054) : dusty pink - 00033 & ecru - 00887
techniques : 2 shuttles, self closing mock ring (SCMR), mock picot, reverse join, picot gauge, ball thread join (lock join with other shuttle)

Started with a SCMR and climbed out with a mock picot. Noticed too late that it had twisted while closing.
Again tried to experiment with 2 colours & the reverse join really helped to switch colours/shutles. I made only the 2nd half stitch after the join, counting the join as 1st half stitch.
Ball thread joins helped when connecting the arms, maintaining some symmetry with picots on each arm in each colour.
With some experience gained tatting the earlier snowflakes, especially the Day 10 snowflake, I tried to keep the picots ‘normal’. Could’ve been just a tad bit shorter still (since these become double in length when ball thread join is used).  
All frontside tatting in clockwise direction.
I rarely use a picot gauge for regular tatting. But this time I decided to challenge myself & used a picot gauge for the decorative picots on trefoil rings.
1st ring of the ecru trefoil is a mock ring (SCMR) in order to make a proper ball thread join.
I’m not happy with my chosen colours, but these balls have to be consumed as well. Tatting-wise, I could’ve done a lot better, too – some basic errors should’ve been avoided !

This makes 11 snowflakes completed, 10 posted, & 1 that was half-finished but needs to be re-started. Lagging behind on this tat-along, but I’m fine with that. Snowflake season will soon see us all shift gears & speed up ;-D

Spiderwort Doodle (3D)
This teeny tiny 3D flower (a mere ½” in size 20 thread) is inspired by part of an edging in Lavoro Chiacchierino #11 (which was catalogued in Craftree here) The edging had a row of rings that seemed to be filled-in or 'solid'. I tried to figure out how they were done, following a 'distress call' from a dear friend ;-P
These are true rings, including the leaf. No chains or mock rings. 
Tip to tip, the doodle measures just over 1½”.

happy tatting :-)


  1. Love the colours of your doily, looking good! For me that snowflake is a bit 'leggy', but I know it's part of a series. The doodle is sweet!

  2. You always post so many wonderful things at one time love your fun with colors and doodling and snowflakes.

  3. Pretty doily!! :)
    Great snowflake!! :)
    Beautiful little flower!! :)

  4. I enjoyed your post, lovely snowflake, I like the way you have used two colours.
    Lovely doily and very pretty colours
    Nice little flower

  5. All very pretty. The density of the doily almost makes it look like crochet.

  6. Oh, the tiny 3D flower is so sweet! All of your tatting is lovely as always.

  7. That snowflake design is not my favorite either, Jane.
    The 2 colours were my addition to the challenge, Margaret.
    Interesting observation, Robin !
    Thanks Carollyn, Sue, Diane, & Marilee :-)
    Hugs to all !!!