Friday, 5 August 2016

I wasn’t gonna …

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I wasn’t going to tat a large doily this year, but I did
I wasn’t going to tat a 4th Renulek doily, but I did
I wasn’t going to post these rounds till after completion, but I did
I wasn’t going to begin the last round now, but I did
I Was going to have Fun, which I Did, YAY !!!!

Renulek’s Wiosna 2016  Rounds 13-16
A doily tat-along by Renulek

Reason I am posting these 4 penultimate rounds is that I finally found what I wanted to do with the last round & I’m hoping it will deserve a post all to itself ;-) Will start tatting the last round this very evening.

Round 13 14¼" in size 40 thread
I loved this round ! And it finally unruffled the previous work, too. Used reverse stitch (direct tatting) for the chains & it went pretty fast, switching shuttles.
I'd forgotten to take pics of this round & was well into the next round before remembering. Hence, not blocked or ironed.
The 20 gm ball of size 40 thread got over after this round.

Round 14 - 15¾" in size 40
 Techniques involved 2 shuttles since there were thrown rings.
Climbed out to next round with split chain & split ring.
I like the scrolling effect. 

Round 15 – >17” in size 40

This round took much longer than I thought.
I tatted first half of the round using reverse stitch for chains; then I switched to reverse work. Both worked well.

Round 16 – 19” in size 40
A very very quick & enjoyable tat , probably because of lack of picots !!!! And a very pretty round, too, with the layered rings.
I ran out of threads many times in this round (once because I accidentally picked up a short length of ball thread) & I used different ways to make optimum use of the last lengths ....
Twice, I made the last ring a SCMR ; once I switched to reverse stitch for the short chain length ; in the last stretch, I had enough thread in one shuttle, so instead of a lock join, I used Reverse Join to switch shuttles - no need for that visible SLT !!!
Since it was a spur-of-the-moment decision, this round hasn't been blocked or ironed either. I simply laid it out & took the pics.

In Conversation 
I must apologize for not being able to respond to your lovely comments (I wasn’t expecting any) in my previous post – they are very much appreciated & I will respond when my internet link starts to work nicely again – it’s going in fits & starts – loooong fits & short starts ! Will also be able to bloghop again, hopefully very soon.

happy tatting :-)

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  1. Beautiful doily, the last round is very slow tatting for me!

    1. Not surprised, Ninetta - 48x8 rings to tat !!!

  2. Beautiful piece of tatting, a master piece and heirloom for years to come

    1. So sweet, Margaret ! And I don't know what to do with it yet ;-P

  3. Really beautiful. Yes, resolutions are made to be broken, as long as you're having fun!

    1. Oh yes, except for round 15, I had tremendous fun, Jane :-) I'm not happy with my working of that round

  4. So fast you are. I see where this round does go faster and I agree it's lack of picots :) I forget what size thread you use? If it is a 20 let us know the measurements :) P. S. LOOKING GOOD!

    1. I'm happy that I'm not a great fan of picots - I like the plain, clean lines ! Carollyn, I'm using size 40 thread (Anchor Coats made in India) & after round 16 it measures 19 inches. The final round may add 3-4 inches, though.

  5. It looks wonderful, even without blocking or ironing!

    1. O thanks, Diane :-) The round lay fairly flat, as do all her doilies

  6. You doily looks amazing even unblocked!!! :)

    1. This doily is getting pretty large to block easily, even with a rolling pin ;-P Thanks, Sue :-)

  7. I'm so glad you've had fun. You've built quite a bit of suspense here regarding the final round. I can hardly wait.