Sunday, 14 August 2016

a mixed dream

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It wasn’t intentional, but a lucky coincidence – the symbolic resemblance to our flag colours ! We are celebrating the 70th Independence Day on 15th & these are the colours I see all around (with the white, of course).
Floral Fantasy Doily

Kathleen shared a few tatted rounds (& pattern) of this doily but a complete sketch on Craftree. It was still a work in progress, including pattern-writing, but two features called out to me instantly & I began tatting along …So far she has shared stitch count for 6 out of the 9 rounds.
Following the name & the pattern, I wanted this to be a bit colourful. In order to increase my colour choices, I have tatted this in a combination of size 40 Anchor crochet cotton (Art 4054) & 2 strands of Anchor embroidery thread (Art 4625).
Many rounds can be done with single shuttle & ball & while I used 2 shuttles for the most part, I have mentioned which rounds can be tatted with ball & shuttle.
Only Rnds 1&2 were blocked before taking pics. All subsequent rounds are unblocked &/or un-ironed/unpressed … will do it after completion, for the final presentation.

Round 1 – 1½”
Rings : 4054-020 ; Chains : 4625-0314 (2 strands)
Techniques: Swirl Join, down join, directional tatting, picot gauge 3/8" for the long picots, last ring SCMR, ball & shuttle.
Actually a swirl join would hold them all together, since it is a proper join. But with these very very long picots & fine thread, it became extremely difficult for me to manage. Hence, after very many failed attempts, I started the last ring as a SCMR; then cut off a length, pulled the end through all the picots, and completed the ring. This can be seen in the more open picot towards the bottom right in later pics.
TIP : I should've taken the thread back through all the picots again to secure them in the center ! Now, however, I am planning on weaving the picots after completing the doily, as in the old vintage patterns, An opportunity to try it out :-)

Round 2 –  < 2”
CTM or shuttle & ball : 4054-0293.
Techniques : lock join, reverse join, RODS. Ball & shuttle CTM.
I loved this overlap of the chain & chose a light colour to highlight it.
TIP : Probably better to start with the ring at the LJ position. Now I had to cut off shuttle thread in the end and pull it through to the front for overlapping, before completing the last segment.

Round 3 – ~ 3”
Rings : 4625-0204 ; chains – 4625-0879 . 2 strands each
Techniques : directional tatting, long picots, down join, ball & shuttle.

Round 4 – 3⅜” 
Rings & Chains : 4625-254. 2 strands each
Techniques : directional tatting, long picots, down join, split rings, 2 shuttles.

Round 5 – 4”
Rings : 4625-314 ; Chains : 4625-0359. 2 strands each
Techniques: directional tatting, long picots (for frayed picots later on), down join, lock join, 2 shuttles (ball & shuttle possible), SCMR to use up ends.
Although the pattern did not call for this profusion of picots, I visualized these as flowers & have chosen long picots for a reason. Yes, you guessed it, I want to convert them to Frayed Picots !
After a few repeats I noticed that my fs/bs tatting was ‘wrong’ & I continued in correct sequence, which led to an interesting observation while joining these flowers ….
TIP : Using a down join to connect the flowers to previous rounds makes the central picots lift up to the front of the work !!!! (compare with the 2 bottom right flowers in the 6th round pics) are not really visible, but one can get rid of them by tatting the rings RODS.
It is cumbersome & time-consuming to separate the strands of embroidery thread. To make full use of the thread in tatting, I used SCMR for many of the rings, thus using up the last lengths of thread. I had first used this in my Wiosna last year (lengthening the functionality of thread & SCMR instead of normal ring).

Round 6 – 4¾”
Rings : 4054-229 ; Chains : 4625-0204. 2 strands
Techniques: directional tatting, down join, ball & shuttle possible.
This is a very quick round & I love the overlap of rings at the base of the scallops.
Colours are fun to work with, but it takes me so much time to choose them :-(  As you can see, I attempted a few combos but snipped them off, ending with a repeat of earlier round colours.
Not sure whether I’ve lost the colour plot here, but these were chosen keeping in mind the next round & it’s colours …. 

Kathleen is still in the process of developing & writing this pattern & will be sharing it in a proper format soon. I will update accordingly.

happy tatting :-)


  1. Looks like India's spinning wheel in the middle too! I love those frilly rings with lots of picots.

    1. Oh, that's right !!! Hadn't noticed it, Jane.
      Hmmm, so should I keep the picots as is or cut & fray them as visualized ?!

  2. I love your color combinations! I enjoy seeing close-ups. It makes it so easy to understand!

    1. I guess one's flag colours can't fail ;-D Glad you like the close-ups, Diane, as long as they are not of my face ;-P

  3. Beautiful and interesting doily. Long picots seems difficult.

    1. Long picots are not difficult but can be a bit fiddly with fine thread or small rings, Marja. And wait for the last 2 rounds - those are even more interesting to make :-)

  4. Wow sometimes I need you to make two posts, so my brain can soak in everything you are doing, I love the subjects, just need to think on them separately or I am just getting old :) love the colors you have choose and I too have removed colors I have not liked :)

    1. You're sweet, Carollyn, and you can Never grow old with your innovative & beautiful mind :-)
      I ended up spending over 2 hours in choosing, unstranding, loading, tatting, rejecting the last round colours :-( This, when I had previously listed out which colours I wanted for each round !

  5. I love the look of a swirl join and do enjoy this colorful doily. Great tatting.

    1. Yes, a swirl join can be quite practical while being so decorative! Thanks, Bernice :-)

  6. It has some very unique elements. I really love the look so far and look forward to seeing it develop.

    1. That's what caught my attention, Eliz ! Next round is simple, but I want to tat the last two rounds just as in her original sketch. Been pondering on what would be the best way ... may require some trial & error :-)

  7. Prześliczne serwetki frywolitkowe.Śliczna kolorystyka.Pozdrawiam :)