Thursday, 27 April 2017

a new project

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I’ve started a new project (as if there weren’t enough unfinished ones!) as part of my unspoken 2017 resolution : working patterns from the books I have.
It’s the only way I can justify buying new books (space crunch)! I Have to work through at least some patterns from each of my books.
Partly random selection – mostly small motifs and medallions.
You might see the same colours for consecutive workings. That’s because I am loading the shuttles fully with size 40 thread and working them off. I will try to pick similar-looking shapes so that they can be strung/joined together later for a bookmark or mobile.

So here’s the one I will share now (although I made another first).

Star #1 (p39, Dover)
“Tatting Patterns and Designs”
Blomqvist and Persson

In one colour, the beautiful spyrographic continuity of the elements is highlighted. But I decided to go with 2 colours.

Worked in Anchor size 40 (closer to 50), it measures 2½” point to point ; 2” side to side ; each side of the ‘hexagon’ is about 1¼” .
Techniques : 2 shuttles, fs/bs tatting, thrown rings, thrown clovers, last to first ring join.

  • Since there are more thrown rings, I chose to work the inner rings backside, so that the chains and thrown rings & clovers could all be worked normally.
  • The medallion is worked in clockwise direction overall.
  • For the single thrown ring, stitch count at either end of ring differs by 1 stitch in written notations. Taking the clover stitch count as my guide, I chose to use the smaller number.

This beautiful hexagon could so easily be used as a motif for a larger doily or mat ! I like this pattern very much.
Looking at this pic, I now realise that the chains under the clover should've been snugged more. groan !

I am also drawing a diagram of each for myself, to print & save in book for future reference. 

Question : Can I share the diagram (without stitchcount) on my blog?
(The book was first published in 1967)

happy tatting always :-)


  1. Pretty. Would it be possible to contact the authors and ask them? That's probably not strictly necessary.

    1. Thanks, Jane :-) There is no direct address for the authors (except the punlishers), but the issue is not important, so I'll let it go.

  2. I love reading about your tatting adventures, and I envy your use of language! Why can I never think of the marvelous words you use? :-)

    I like your idea of tatting similar motifs so that they can be strung together. As for diagramming and sharing your diagrams with others... the librarian in me says only with the designer's permission. The tatter in me says... please, please, please share! I've been a librarian longer than I've been a tatter, so the librarian wins out.

    1. If you are referring to 'spirographic' then Word drew a bold red line trying to warn, but I resolutely ignored it ;-P

      I will heed the experienced librarian! But if a tatter Has the book and is Interested, will it be okay to send privately ?
      Thanks for your considered advice :-)

  3. the tatting looks lovely and not sure your about the question except some patterns don't have a diagram at all and I feel diagrams are the future of tatting pattern it is universal with out language.
    love this hugs from Carollyn

    1. So true, Carollyn ! This Dover publication has horrible images, some barely discernible, and my first motif had large rings with many picots. Both these gave me the idea that skeleton diagrams could really help.

  4. Lovely motif. Agree about visual patterns, love that, but sometimes few words can save a tatter. I'd say "some tips" ;)

    1. Love your hinted “some tips”, Nin. Will follow along :-D

  5. Beautiful! I've never made it in 2 colors, but it's lovely that way. This is one of my favorites from that book. The instructions are not as clear and easy to follow as they are in other books, and I suspect that most of us have to do some sort of preliminary diagram/ sketch/written notes before we tackle one of the patterns from this book. Still - the results are so pretty!

    1. Totally agree, Steph ! And if the pictures were clear, the beauty of each pattern would've been enhanced. I am also finding minor errors in each motif/medallion I tat. But still, I'm glad for what the publication offers - something is better :-)))