Sunday, 16 April 2017

back to tatting

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tatted heart, bookmark & kite

I hadn’t been doing much tatting for the past several days, trying to stay focused on completing all the presentations, diagrams and pdfs for the spring garland (hoo boy, it takes way too much time!!!). But the last few days were a bit better. I slowly got back into the tatting mojo and some of the UFOs are turning into WIPs ! While there are a couple of exciting things I cannot show yet, here are a few I can…

Heart for Kay
Nina Libin
The butterfly called out to me ! Just like in Irene Woo’s Heart of the Butterfly. Wish I could've taken a combo pic of the two, except that it has been gifted & happily received. 
This one, too, is tatted in 3 strands of embroidery thread, but I worked the heart in opposite direction to that given in the diagram. If I’d followed the diagrammed sequence, my butterfly would’ve had backside rings.

The 8-ring formation
Here I didn’t use any SLT. Instead I tatted the outer (thrown) ring first, then the inner ring, and continued with the chain. It seems to hold up fine even without any blocking.
This is a pretty pattern and quick to tat up. The pattern, to be shared with OTC tomorrow, can be downloaded here. It is scheduled to be shared with the Online Tatting Class tomorrow. 

UPDATE (Apr 18, 2017): see how I used this lovely heart here .

Chinese Coin Bookmark
Jon Yusoff
This free pattern has been with me for ages, ever since I found this teeming tatting world online. Seeing Fox’s work recently, inspired me to finally take it up. What I can do now, I couldn't have done 4 years back, so the delay was good ;-)
After the first few repeats, I felt bored with the single colour (I should’ve chosen something brighter!). More so because I felt I could've tatted alternate halves, then used a different colour to fill in the missing halves - like 2 sinusoidal waves. 
But now the body is happily completed and am working a tail from part of the pattern itself. No pics yet. The first half took a while to get used to, but the return was a breeze. And I'm pretty satisfied with the look.

Kite with Cluny Tail
Mimi Dillman
I started this cute kite, also from the Online Tatting Class, in March, intending it as a bookmark. Now I have some more ideas that need working out. Should I use this as a charm and combine 4 motifs to create a larger diamond for the main body? Decisions !!! Will take it up again after I finish the coin bookmark.  

Many many thanks to all the talented designers for sharing their work :-)


  1. Oh, my goodness! You have so much for us to look at today! I love the Chinese Coin Bookmark. I've never tatted it, but I know I have the printed out pattern somewhere. There are so many things I want to try, but I never seem to get to them. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks, Diane :-))) I do believe the bookmark turned out fine in the end. Completed it yesterday & will post soon.
      Time is always at a premium for crafters :-D

  2. Great heart, bookmark and kite!!! :)

  3. Beautiful Heart Muskaan!!! Chinese coin too very pretty. Mimis kite is simple but lovely!!!! Wish to tat all these. You inspire me a lot. Thanks

  4. Sue & Usha, you are always so sweet. Thanks for making my day :-)