Tuesday, 18 April 2017

a central harmony

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Merry Christmas Snowflake
Sharon Briggs

Some patterns have an inherent harmony. I believe this snowflake is one such – elegance personified.

Clearly, there’s a flower within (remember the flower within series of snowflakes?). But this time I went with pristine white.
Tatted in one pass, in size 40, it measures a tad over 2 inches.
Tatted up so quickly, too - all in one sitting while supervising the AC servicemen ! Errr, I did have pre-loaded shuttles – so that’s a huge time-saver right there :-) 

Entire snowflake is worked clockwise.
If we start the daisy with shuttle 1, and climb out with split rings, then because we are moving clockwise, shuttle 2 becomes the main shuttle for all subsequent tatting (rounds 2 & 3).
With fs/bs tatting, the rings in both outer rounds will be worked backside (RODS) and these are cross-hatched clearly in the diagram !
Sharon’s diagrams are so self-explanatory. There are a couple of symbols (on top right of each pattern) that I am not very sure about, but this is no way hampers the working.
UPDATE : The explanation of symbols used in her patterns can be found here. Thanks Sharon :-)

Techniques :  2 shuttles, CTM, fs/bs tatting, daisy, split ring, mock picot, lock join.

I thoroughly enjoyed working this pattern and the actual result is better than what the lens or scanner captured !
This, and many more of Sharon's patterns can be found here
Besides patterns, and the inspiring display on her 25 Motif Challenge blog, I have learned a great deal from the design lessons she posted !

Many many thanks, Sharon :-)

And here’s what I did with the heart I tatted in previous post – made another SOUP ribbon bookmark charm! (tatting SOUP : Sewing On/Using Pieces of tatting)

  I did start reading this book a long time back, but never completed it. Should pick it up again...
Nina Libin's Heart for Kay acting as a ribbon bookmark charm ! All is harmony, all is peace ...

wishing you many stress-free harmonious hours of tatting :-)


  1. Your snowflake looks fabulous!!! :)

  2. That is a beautiful snowflake! I enjoy snowflakes in color, but white is always perfect!

  3. The snowflake is very elegant. Bookmark is a great way to use the heart - Confucius would be impressed!

  4. Thank you so very much everybody !
    Jane, your remark cracked me up - couldn't stop grinning :-D

  5. Very elegant snowflake, thanks for the link to the pattern
    Lovely bookmark heart

  6. That snowflake is worth a try, love the look and the one swoop direction. Your reading looks like words to contemplate 😄

    1. Well, Carollyn, all I'm 'contemplating' at present is tatting and tatting patterns ;-P I do hope you tat this snowflake, though.

  7. I was aiming for a bigger snowflake when I designed that one and adding anything more to it would have ruined it. Some designs are like that where less is more.
    The explanation of the symbols used in my patterns is explained here:
    That includes most of them except the one that's a shuttle shape with lines across it which is used for cluny leaves.

    1. So true, Sharon, it is perfect as it is !
      Thank you so much for sharing the legend link. I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised at a couple of symbols that I mistook for something else ! I will update the post with the link.
      Thank you & hugs :-)