Friday, 24 March 2017


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tribute to a tatter and ode to tatting

A tatting tribute to Irene who passed away recently ...

Heart of the Butterfly 
Irene Woo

UPDATE May 9 2017 : This is the updated pattern by Joelle Paulson
In keeping with the season,  I chose spring colours. Tatted with 3 strands of embroidery thread/floss.
It is such a pretty pattern ! Now that I Googled it, I find that it is also called 'Butterfly Heart'.

I will share my own notes and the revised pattern in a future post.
That butterfly has one wing smaller. Instead of retro-tatting, I made a Josephine ring head and wrapped the tail thread around to simulate a body.

And check out this poem Georgia shared on BellaOnline

Why I Tat? 
Sariah Joy 


I have often wondered why I tat - why does it consume me and fascinate me ? Most articles made are for beauty & decoration, not functional or wearable, and get stashed on completion. It is time-consuming unlike crochet or knitting and so much more difficult to unravel after a mistake. Yet, give me a shuttle any day!
Perhaps it is that lace, besides being pretty, is small enough to experiment with and stash away too. That small piece is complete in itself, yet does not take up space. The tools & materials are minimal, too, hence easily portable when traveling.
It does keep my hands 'productively' occupied, my brain challenged, and my curiosity sparked.
Or may be some brains are just wired to tat - our default is tatting, even if we enjoy other crafts ?!

Why do you tat ?!


keep tatting happily always 


  1. Very pretty heart, I could not find any other patterns by her or any information about her,, but she has left us with a beautiful heart pattern
    Hopefully she's teaching the Angels to tat

  2. It is a pretty heart. I read the poem on another blog. I like it. I agree with it!

  3. So lovely little heart, it's been in my todolist too, I will tat it one day :) I read the poem, I like it, it captures all feelings about tatting

  4. Your butterfly heart looks lovely, and the colors you used make it look very much like springtime.

  5. I tat for so many reasons. It's beautiful, it's portable, it's creative, it's inspiring, it's productivity even in difficult/stifling situations, and, most of all, because it's a wonderful art that too few people attempt.
    What a sweet butterfly!

  6. That's right, Margaret! I tried to look for more info on her, but was unsuccessful, except a mention in Gina Brummet's blog about her taking Irene's class.

    Sariah captures all the nuances of tatting so well, Jane & Ninetta.

    Couldn't keep the colours away Stephanie ;-P

    Dora, that is so true! I also realised that designing in tatting is easier for me than in knitting or crochet. Or perhaps I haven't tried hard enough.

    Appreciate your thoughts, everybody.

  7. Thank you so much Diane & Beata-Becia :-) Have a great weekend !

  8. I love the butterfly heart. Your's is lovely to bring in the spring.

  9. I'm so glad you liked the heart Sue, Anetta, & Bernice :-) Have a great day

  10. So very pretty! I love the combo of colors you used!