Saturday, 18 March 2017

Spring celebration

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Star Dahlia by Anna Barzyk
Clover by Mariya Darydova

Hexagons always appeal to me - be it in any art or craft form. Tatted snowflakes are aplenty, but the focus is on tips/points with 'invisible' or inferred sides. 
Addionally, I love when chains are used to outline previous elements, highlighting aspects with width.
No wonder this pattern was such a pleasure to tat - a clear-sided, textured, yet elegant pattern.
I follow Anna's blog and love her beautiful tatting and other projects. She shared this pattern here recently. I chose a lighter outline to represent the flower in nature.

Clover is a cleverly designed pattern. Joining to the vsp at beginning of chain in each leaflet creates a charming center which is evident in the left leaf and much more in Marya's model.
The left leaf follows her pattern verbatim, split chain and all.
The right one, tatted first, is a bit of a lazy tatting attempt. Here, I worked all 4 leaflets completely, instead of a split chain,  and then tatted the chain stem. 
I'll be back with something more on clovers soon....

Many thanks to Anna and Mariya
 for sharing their pretty patterns.

I hope you, too, enjoy tatting these as much as I did


  1. Both lovely patterns. I like the look created by 'double chains'. Emphasised by your colour choices.

  2. They are beautiful and I love making flowers out of snowflakes its so supersizing when you add colors to them and you just go right into spring :) Have a wonderful day!

  3. Both are very pretty patterns! I especially like the yellow one. Your chains are so beautiful!

  4. Thank you so much Sue, Jane, Carollyn, Margaret, & Grace :-)
    Yes, some patterns just catch your eye, and you want to tat them ! I'm waiting for the clovers to bring me some luck ;-P

  5. Beautiful yellow and white together, lovely pattern off to look at your link to her page,
    Will be putting this pattern on my to do list

  6. Lovely tatting as always! I also like the effect created when outlining a motif with a chain, usually a different colour. It really emphasizes it. The dahlia would make a nice coaster :)

  7. Thanks Margaret, Lavington, and Anna :-)
    Real flower pics helped me choose the lighter outlines. Nature always inspires !
    Yes, Lavi, it makes a lovely coaster. In size 20 it measures 3" acoss and 3.5" between tips It would work well with larger thread, too .