Monday, 13 March 2017

crowning Chaos !

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What a colourful life I live, in complete disarray! Who knew when I chose 'Chaos' as my next book to read,  it would become manifest in various aspects - not exactly the Butterfly Effect, but not in my control either. Do I sound like a broken record ?! ;-P

Tatted Edging
Coats and Clark Book 121 , pattern A295

Remember this vintage pattern I was 'modernizing'? Anetta spotted why the straight edging curved into a collar - a missed ring ! Decided to tat the entire pattern again, so as eliminate all chaos in pattern-writing while climbing out of rows.

Georgia shared it in this Mar 9th Bellaonline newsletter and will be sharing it in Online Tatting Class today. If there is any confusion due to conversion glitches, the original pdf with all symbols can be downloaded here. Scroll below for tatting all 5 rows in one pass - new reoriented pattern pdf

It has a dense centre (row 1) with all those picots,  but I really like the scalloped shape.  And the versatility is visible in the various projects derived from that one edging pattern ! Add beads and you have such a plethora!

Please note : Adding a short chain at end can enable us to work the entire 5-row pattern in one pass !! The sequence of working the rows will change, though.

I have not changed any stitch count. Row 1 ruffles. I used my usual rolling pin blocking method after shaping with fingers.
I had more pics, but they are inaccessible at present.
I realise that the images and text are not in sync, but that's the crowning chaos ;-P

Many many thanks to Georgia for "empowering" us !
Join in if you can.

happy tatting down through the decades :-)

UPDATE (April 5, 2017) : In class, there were queries on how to tat all 5 rows in one pass. I have now diagrammed a revised version to address this. The sequence of tatting the rows, however, changes.

*May, 2017 : New, reoriented one-pass pattern shared. pdf of complete pattern with text ; diagram-only pdf


  1. Now you have two patterns, a curving one and a straight one. I think the curving one makes a wonderful collar.

  2. I like the necklace from the pattern, yes it would make a lovely collar,
    Thank you for sharing the pattern

  3. Thank you so much for adapting the pattern! The crown version is quite interesting as well, in my opinion a fitting use for a vintage edging.

  4. Ah what fun to see all the different things you come up with. I too love the crown it is beautiful :)

  5. The crown and necklace are beautiful :)

  6. I appreciate all your comments - thanks :-) It is always fun when a pattern can spawn multiple effects and functions !