Monday, 6 March 2017

cute flower motifs

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Tatting Decorations
Daniela Mendola

I could just do the one, though Daniela has shared them in many sizes ! I loved the simple lines and the elegant shape of the petals. She has so many patterns on her blog - all very elegant and pleasant. And she dabbles in many different crafts, uploading video tutorials or pictorials in embroidery, crochet, and tatting. This is my first, but definitely not my last ! 

What also attracted me was the bare thread line overlapping the round 1 petals. She demonstrates it in her video, but it also reminded me of Martha Ess' Decorative Join.
Essentially, both are the same. The only difference is that Martha pulls up the chain loop from the front, thus getting visible 4 threads while Daniela pulls up the chain loop from the back, thus distributing 2 threads in front & 2 at back. In some ways it's like the former is in a flat plane while the latter is in a perpendicular plane. I really like the effect, even though this image shows me that I didn't execute them to perfection !!!

Tatted in size 20, this one measures 1.5" across

many thanks, Daniela ! 
happy tatting J


  1. Lovely flower, simple and effective. I like the way Daniela has used them to decorate a bag. They'd be good for using up short lengths of thread.

  2. I love these, it reminds me of the flowers I used to draw in the 60's you know "flower power"

  3. Lovely simple flowers off to follow your link

  4. Those flowers look great!! :)

  5. Simple but attractive petals looking really great. Can be used as appliques or decoration.

  6. I totally agree, Jane ! And I'll be tatting many more for sure :-)

    Ah, yes, Carollyn.

    I love the simple uncluttered lines of this pattern, Margaret & Sue !

    So true, Usha. Daniela actually displays them as applique on a bag.