Tuesday 27 December 2016

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October to December – a long journey for this little butterfly pattern !

Remember the sneak peek of this joint project on Craftree? Claudia was asked by someone to locate or correct a tatted butterfly pattern. It had been tatted ages back and the original pattern was lost. When we couldn’t find the designer online, Claudia did the stitch count & I diagrammed and christened it. Finally, the pattern is shared here.

Together We Fly Butterfly
a joint project on Craftree 
designer – unknown ; stitch count – Claudia Huber
diagram & pdf - muskaan
If tatting with single shuttle and ball, pull out a 12-15 inch long tail from the shuttle before starting head. This tail will be used to complete the 2nd half of split ring which constitutes the body.
This is how the butterfly can be tatted in one pass, using split ring and mock picot to climb out.
Claudia’s TIP shared here : “The butterfly had to be made wet and putting in the final form as the body should be oval, and not round, but it laid flat already before, now it looks nice, without fixing and blocking etc.”  
I like the slightly oval look. Also, I found it easier to pull the ring After starting the chain, so as not to hamper the ring closure. 
The butterfly can be worked in opposite direction to that notated in diagram (see below), as seen in this 2-colour version using single shuttle and ball. In this case, the split ring body will be worked as:
        SR-B : 4 – 3 – 4 long picot 4 / 4 – 3. Mock Picot to climb out for wing.

Also, in above model, I made the 2 rings, then joined the solid purple thread for chains, tatting over tails. Unfortunately, the variegated thread soon broke and this model was discarded.

After completing Wing #1, we need to cross over across the neck, to continue with Wing #2. This can be accomplished using an over-under or alligator join. On trying it, I did not like the horizontal bar it makes.
I opted for 2 lock joins in same picot, but on either side. It stabilized the head as well.

TIP : If desired, the 2 stitch chain on either side (seen in blue in diagram above) can be increased to 3 double stitches. With only 2 stitches, the head is nestled too close and the wings have to be pulled outwards to finish.

The single colour version, using 2 shuttles, CTM

I tatted a new model, this time using 3 colours. Head & body are tatted in brown (4054-0359) and tails hidden. Then I joined the maroon (4054-00022) and golden yellow (4054-0307) for the wings.
Twisted picots make perfect antennae ! But a double picot works well, too, snipped later.
TIP : Add beads for eyes and/or antennae.

One and three colour versions. In size 20 Anchor mercer, they measure 2¼” x 1¾”  

The 2-page pdf consists of a full-body diagram with notations, and one page written pattern.
Hope you give these cuties a tat and enjoy them as much as I did ! 

Many thanks to Claudia and the unknown designer !

happy tatting always with a ☺ 

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  1. What a lovely gift from you two! Thanks you!

  2. Great collaboration! It goes on my to-do list, I've bookmarked the page.

  3. Beautiful! Don't know why I missed this in craftree, thank you for sharing it here

  4. I love this!!! So will my daughter Enya! She loves butterflies. Thank you for the pattern and thank you Claudia for this lovely design. :-D

  5. I do so hope you girls will tat it (and give feedback), Michelle, Jane, Ninetta, & Carrie ! It was a spontaneous collaboration ! And I forgot to mention test tatting. A couple of Craftrians test-tatted it too.
    I will let Claudia know how grateful and happy you are :-) Thanks

  6. Beautiful butterflies! Thank you for the pattern :)

    1. Hope you feel inspired to tat them in spring, Anetta :-)

  7. Both the colors had 2 individual good things.. The red one has the feelers(antennae) strikingly well formed and whole working seems very easy and clear, the purple one seem to have good design and more elegant look. Thank you for sharing.. certainly will serve as a small cute gift.

    1. Very astute observation, Usha ! Thanks for your feedback - I value it. And I did think of you when I picked up that brown ;-P The purple one was actually a test tat & it went very smoothly.

  8. Beautiful butterfly , I will look forward to tatting it,
    I love butterflies and this is a beautiful pattern

  9. Gorgeous butterfly! Thanks for sharing :). Can't wait to tat it once weather cools a little :).

  10. Margaret & Jenn, I will be looking forward to your tatted butterflies - let them come fluttering in :-)