Saturday, 31 December 2016

chirPINg yarn

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bird and nest made with yarn

It's the last day of the month, and we know what that means - yes, the pinterest challenge ! 

While browsing through some crochet patterns, I stumbled upon a cute domherre made with yarn and it immediately called to me. There was an added incentive when she mentioned a Christmas connection – perfect timing! Google landed me with this Christmas story written by Richard W. O’Donnell  about the most famous of Christmas carols (guess which ?)
It is very easy and with different yarn colours, we can whip up many different birds in a jiffy !!!
I inserted blue pearl pins for the eyes.
The feathers appear a bit ruffled – what would you expect, when confronted to such curious scrutiny by the sparrows?! Although it did appear to be having a swinging time when rid of the company ;-)
TIP : Use fresh yarn, or straighten it out! This grey was the last of a ball of yarn and hence some strands are not as straight.

Be warned  -- These next pictures are Not for the faint-hearted bird lover ! ☺

When I pierced the eyes, it struck me what a great pincushion this would make! For that, the bird needed to sit comfortably. Tried a glass bowl which seemed to work okay. Then, I also came across a pin showing how to weave a small basket , which seemed very easy & fun to make. Well, I adapted it as a nest for this bird, leaving off the handle & fabric base.
I cut the circular card stock into 9 equal slits (at 40º angle). Also, I could weave the entire basket and crochet the edge all in one continuous process, without cutting off the yarn !  
Even DH had fun watching me weave the basket - he & BIL are constantly telling me that I still haven't grown out of my childhood ;-P I agree :-D

Bird measures : 3” head to tail, 1½” top - down
Nest measures : 1” high, 2¼” across top, 1¾” across base

Do you recognize the coincidental symbolism? Bird that symbolizes happiness, Christmas but is also migratory, and the pins that could well be pins from !!! And wonder what project eggs it's sitting on ;-P

This has been a happy pinterest challenge journey through the year - I accomplished my personal objectives to a satisfactory degree and hope to continue -  but I must fly away for at least a year.
Who can tell about 2018 – I might like to be back with the lovely pin chicks again ! They are such an inspiring lot – coming up with exquisite pieces despite many personal pitfalls. It is a pleasure getting to know Suzanne, Margaret, and Margaret-2. Carollyn was already a friendly correspondent.

January 2017 starts a new pinterest challenge, and this time they will be posting every two months. You are cordially invited to join in - merely post a project inspired by pinterest, every 2 months ! Simply leave a comment on any of the pin chicks' blog/post to tell them you'll be one of them :-) It is fun !

Currently, the nesting bird pincushion is perched on my bedside cabinet – on hand ! That's the lamp base in the background, and my tablet in foreground. Took away my pencil stand & moisturiser to avoid cluttering the pic.

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And before I leave my readers this year, to meet again next year .....

good health, peace and prosperity to all
a very happy new year 


  1. Your bird is adorable! He makes a delightful pin cushion!

    1. May be not as adorable, Diane, with no one else stopping to leave a comment, LOL!
      But it does make a cute cuddly companion at my bedside :-D

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sue :-) I hope it cheered your heart

  3. Souri would love to try this birdie, How did you get the tree?
    I will show him the tute.
    Well formed,,Birdie looks annoyed?

    Happy New Year Yeah!

    1. Usha, I'm sure he will want to make more than one when he starts ! It is so quick and easy. The bird Had to be annoyed with all those sparrows peering curiously at this new bird ;-P
      It is an artificial, large Christmas tree we bought back in 1998 (from Dilli Haat. wow 18 years !!!)! It can be dismantled into 3 pieces, but we haven't needed to. It stays in the drawing room, along with other plants :-)

  4. Lovely Pinterest challenge, great thoughts that they would make pin cushions. Well done on finding something different

    1. Thanks Margaret :-) I do like it's simple utility and it makes me smile happily everytime I see it on my cabinet top !