Monday, 19 December 2016

an undesired switcheroo

blogger made some pretty visible changes recently.

One of the undesirable changes is that if you edit a past post, it springs to the most recent spot ! It had happened with a previous post - an October post gatecrashed into December (fall in winter!!!), and now again. my troll is hiding behind my maple leaf !

Note that nothing else changes - the date of posting, the url, etc. everything remains unchanged except the recency. The blog/reading list in other's blogs continue to show the troll pic, but if they visit my blog or click on Home, then they will see the maple leaf first, causing some confusion.

Well, I can see the logic - once a post is published, it is in public domain and readers have a right to know when and what changes are made to the content.

What I wish, though, was that we had the Option of having the post spring up as latest or simply informing readers that changes have been made .... Circumstances permitting, I often go back to earlier posts to include related links, etc. for future readers. Guess I won't be doing that any more !

I tried to bring the troll back in line by editing the post. BUT it wouldn't return :-((( Hence this new trick ...
Once I publish this message, Then maybe I can coax the troll to fall in line ;-P
Let me give a try .... please don't be confused if you see a switcheroo - desirable this time.

Of course, it can also be desirable if one wants to revive an old, forgotten post !!! Always 2 sides to everything ☺
BTW, blogger has a range of emojis to choose from - or so they would have us believe. But only the smiling face emoji works ☺

keep  !
Hope you are all enjoying your holiday tatting and partying ☺


  1. How strange. I wanted to edit my latest post to add more info, so thanks for the warning! I'll have to be careful about making changes to posts that are further back.

  2. Ah, thanks for the explanation, I wondered what was going on! Hmm, I will remember that too. I wonder what other changes they've made, apart from showing a different 'view' when you open blogger. I keep forgetting to look at my reading list that used to come up first.

  3. I hadn't noticed. I guess I'd better look, as I've done some recent editing. I certainly would prefer the option rather than having it forced upon me.

  4. Okay I don't know what's happening!!! I've tried to edit the troll post several times now, yet it refuses to budge ;-P I guess only time will tell, Robin, Jane, & Diane - we can merely try to be a bit careful. Please mention if you notice any weirdness or any new 'dimension';-)

    Jane, I've totally slashed my reading list now that it does not show up in first window. Anyways, I already had most on my bloglist. And the view is so much broader - don't much care for it - do they think we have telescopic vision ;-P

  5. When you modify an old post, write down the real posting date, then before publishing, change the date as a planned post. I hope this can help.

    1. Thanks, Ninetta. I've been meaning to update this post - the glitch has gone. It was temporary I guess. I've edited 2 different posts over the last week, and all is well, phew !
      I will try your advice and see what happens :-)