Friday, 9 December 2016

all in rings

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Sharing 2 more patterns . It’s all about rings this time, though the piece turns into a perfect square.

Inchies are 1 inch squares. I’ve seen them made with paper & fabric, but not yet with tatting. I Loved designing them. (How about Twinchies – 2 inch squares - next?)
And for photographic effect, in keeping with the season, they have been paced over baubles as embellishment. Now if only there were some beads in there !!!

Inchie - One

Most of the prototypes (& patterns) shared in last couple of months were created with This Way or Tat? in mind – I wanted something quick & small, incorporating the rules presented in TWoT diagrams. Little pieces that one could tat & explore with thread left over in shuttles. The difficulty level ranges mainly from beginner to intermediate.

Inchie One is a simple single-shuttle square with inward facing rings. Tension is important, though, to get the exact dimensions of a square. 
The pdf provides details of tension, considering the difference in individual tatting, thread brands, etc. But it would be a good idea to draw a square or use a grid. Use this as a template to cross check while tatting.

Realised only now that I haven't even blocked this piece.

Inchie - Two
(a prototype)
Inchie Two can be worked with split rings, thus avoiding lock joins. But
  1. the direction of the split rings would change – I wanted all rings to seemingly radiate from the center.
  2. It would necessitate knowledge of working the split ring.
  3. I wanted to see for myself the antique tatting style – I’ve been an admirer of Mme Reigo’s Bunch of Grapes !
For these reasons I chose to go with the old world style of tatting. Antique patterns use a needle to attach bare thread to picots, before the chain was invented; I chose to make a lock join where required. The lock join helps me manipulate the position of the small rings, without resorting to split rings, yet gives an idea of how directions & sides (front, back) change between elements.

Reverse Work (RW) between each ring.
Inchie One is tatted all from the front.
Inchie Two can be tatted using directional or frontside/backside tatting. The small rings can use reverse order of double stitches (RODS).
Take care to hide the bare thread behind the 3DS of small ring before joining to picot of that ring. This will remain hidden on the back side of the piece.
Also make sure that there is just enough slack to cover the distance – thread will show if too loose; tatting will warp if too tight.
This requires a bit of practice the first time.
In my sample, the rings to the right are properly made with the traversing threads carefully hidden. This really Has to be tatted again properly!

I like the old world charm here, but would certainly like to see how the SR one would look.
These are not glued down or secured - only inserted for a photo-op - an inspired idea last night !
I think both Inchies can be used as charms for bookmarks. Or they could be joined to make a larger fabric; or joined tip-to-tip to make a bookmark or a headband adornment. Or simply sew on as embellishments.

happy tatting :-)

Rings of Wool 

Remember my August pinterest challenge? I took it a notch further and completed my wool yarn inventory this month ! That leaves only beads and related accessories, for which I bought containers last week.
These tiny crochet rings are all 6 Chain using size 13 or 2.25mm crochet hook, for consistency and comparison. Many of these are between 5-10 gms only, after their inclusion in my Memory Afghan.
That afghan used up over 60 colours/shades/yarns includig all my old stash (most of which did not even make the grade to 5gms !), and around 6-7 brands . That was part of the ojective - mission accomplished !
By the way, the afghan weighs 1.25 kg - not as heavy as my earlier ones. But oh so pretty!

I may be forced to hold off on commenting as well as a lot of my desktop work, coz now my keyboard is playing hookie!  Have ordered a new one but will be delivered only next week ! Even this post has been corrected on my tablet. Many slip betwixt the cup and the lip ! 

HEYYYYY ! I'm bavk for a quick updatr. DH was chatting, saying I must've uploaded 100 posts & I said they are closer to 200. And guess what, when I checked, this is my 201st post ! In 3 years precisely. Not bad, eh?!

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  1. Sweet! I love your inchies. They could be joined, or have beads added. Congratulations on 200 posts!

    1. Thanks Jane :-)) Yes, I like both your ideas & hope to get around to it some day !

  2. I love your inchies! They look adorable on the ornaments. My organization is going very slowly. I get distracted by ideas such as Ice Drops, and my focus goes in a different direction. Luckily, Dave is very accepting of my approach to tatting, crafts, and life!

    1. Thanks, Diane :-) I'm waiting to continue the shuttle count ;-P
      I've had an idea to apply your Ice Drops/Lucky Penny pattern. Hope to give it a try soon.

  3. Great minds thinking alike here???? I'm still stuck on squares and such Your Inchies are added to the list to study. Congrats on 201 posts. How time flies when you're sharing fun stuff!

    1. Oh, you are far superior, Mel :-) I'm so glad you find them interesting & will try them out. Your latest study is superb !

  4. Very nice, thankyou for the Pfd nice to have your perfect square, got grandchildren over have to look not tat for a week 😄

    1. Carollyn, have fun ! Time spent with grandchildren is precious :-)

  5. I like your Inchies and thank you for Pdf:) Congratulations on 200 posts!

    1. Cieszę się, że im się podoba, Anetta, i dziękuję :-)

  6. Lovely little inches, thanks for the pattern. Congratulations for your 201 posts!!! Brava!

    1. grazie caro amico :-) I want to make a few with beads if I have time!