Tuesday, 13 December 2016

headless chicken

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Yup that's exactly how I feel -- a headless chicken running amok. OR perhaps ... it is all the other tatting & blog-related stuff that is running amok! Yes that’s it. Definitely.

Inching it’s way ….
For instance, another Inchie jumped up - it was lying coiled beneath some other stuff in the box, and then after a few hours, went back into hiding! So no pics yet. Don’t remember tatting it; still attached to the shuttle.

Crossing all limits !
Next, consider the SOUP ribbon bookmarks post. It actually broke the time space barrier and jumped from Oct to Dec ! How ???? And how do I get it to go back with no head to think with. Okay, I had opened that post to upload a link to the Crown bookmark (found the source); no idea what happened next. Fortunately the old link still works. Notice the date in the url - it still says 2016/10. Huh.

Swept away !
Time crawled very slowly for the last many days as I tried to overhaul My Patterns Page. I couldn't get thumb nails of each project to load. So, with a bit Inkscape I tricked blogger into running with old style film strips. Took up a huge amount of my time coz I kept reorganising and regrouping, deleting and reformatting, etc.  Mind you, I enjoyed it, but kept wondering why bother – what possessed me to undertake such a huge task?! Desperately need elves here. I’ve published the half-done page for now & should get all links up in a couple of sittings.

Any thoughts on this new-look page ?

Running Loose !
Bobbin shuttles often face this problem – the bobbins run loose after a while. Pony shuttles are particularly susceptible. In response to a question posted on Craftree, I took this composite pic to explain what I have been doing for many years now. Works well for me, especially the use of everyday materials and quick ‘conversion’ to a firm bobbin. 

Method 1 : Rubber band & Tape
From left to right in pic : Insert a smallish rubber band inside the bobbin hole.
Cover both open ends with a bit of tape.
Voilà ! If it is still a bit loose, add another layer of tape. That’s all there is to it.
The 3rd bobbin shows how the tape indents slightly after a bit of use. The rubber band provides enough spring to keep it all in place while tatting.
4th bobbin is how it looks after reloading bobbin many times, ie. after a lengthy use.
At this stage, re-tape!
Tape & rubber bands are now part of my work basket.

Method 2 : Pencil Eraser
Extreme right you see the long pencil eraser. Insert into bobbin hole, and cut with craft knife. Voilà!
In the beginning the bobbin is a bit too firm, but once the soft rubber settles down & shapes itself to the dome, the bobbin becomes freer.
After long usage, one may need to add tape to both ends. But it obviates the need for rubber bands.

Concept : The rubber in the band or the eraser provides the spring/tension, and the tape holds it inside. It works beautifully.
Maria had shared a great pictorial using wire tubing to recondition the bobbin shuttles ! 

That’s it for this post. Tomorrow I will share my working of 2 quick projects – yay, I’m back to tatting !!! 
I think my posts should be shorter, hence the ‘break-up’ -- wouldn't want to scare away my 2 followers ;-P It will also give me time to get my chickens all lined up☺


  1. I was a bit puzzled to see the bookmark post at the top again! I've put a bit of felt inside a bobbin too. Happy tatting!

    1. Ah, felt sounds like a good option, Jane ! Must try it.
      Thanks a heap :-)

  2. Shorter posts?? Yay! 😀

    I had a bobbin-spinning meltdown this week. Nothing works for me once the tension is gone. Yes again, ordered some post shuttles... Wonder if the transition will work for me THIS time! 😂😂😂

    1. If shorter posts can rope you in, Fox ;-P
      For me, only rubber band doesn't work coz they tend to crawl out. But together with tape, I have no problems.
      Post shuttles are not for me!

  3. This is really helpful! I'm following just desperately drowning in schoolwork but I read each post!

    1. Hey, it works !!! Shorter posts, I mean; though also the bobbin shuttles instead of post. Here's another lost fan of mine showing up ;-D Glad you found this helpful, Michelle :-)))

  4. Thank you for your helpful advice :) Greetings :)

    1. I like to share what works for me, hoping it'll work for some online friend, too :-) Thanks, Anetta

  5. Thank you for the info with pictures!

    1. Thanks for stopping and commenting, Karen :-)

  6. Neat tip with the bobbins,
    Look forward to shorter posts I might get to read to the end. Sometimes I just can't keep up hooray for photos, and I mean that in a nice way,

    1. If only friends weren't so indulgent & voiced their thoughts more often, Margaret :-) I will try to make the posts as short as possible - wouldn't want you running away , LOL. Thanks