Tuesday, 13 December 2016

headless chicken

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Yup that's exactly how I feel -- a headless chicken running amok. OR perhaps ... it is all the other tatting & blog-related stuff that is running amok! Yes that’s it. Definitely.

Inching it’s way ….
For instance, another Inchie jumped up - it was lying coiled beneath some other stuff in the box, and then after a few hours, went back into hiding! So no pics yet. Don’t remember tatting it; still attached to the shuttle.

Crossing all limits !
Next, consider the SOUP ribbon bookmarks post. It actually broke the time space barrier and jumped from Oct to Dec ! How ???? And how do I get it to go back with no head to think with. Okay, I had opened that post to upload a link to the Crown bookmark (found the source); no idea what happened next. Fortunately the old link still works. Notice the date in the url - it still says 2016/10. Huh.

Swept away !
Time crawled very slowly for the last many days as I tried to overhaul My Patterns Page. I couldn't get thumb nails of each project to load. So, with a bit Inkscape I tricked blogger into running with old style film strips. Took up a huge amount of my time coz I kept reorganising and regrouping, deleting and reformatting, etc.  Mind you, I enjoyed it, but kept wondering why bother – what possessed me to undertake such a huge task?! Desperately need elves here. I’ve published the half-done page for now & should get all links up in a couple of sittings.

Any thoughts on this new-look page ?

Running Loose !
Bobbin shuttles often face this problem – the bobbins run loose after a while. Pony shuttles are particularly susceptible. In response to a question posted on Craftree, I took this composite pic to explain what I have been doing for many years now. Works well for me, especially the use of everyday materials and quick ‘conversion’ to a firm bobbin. 

Method 1 : Rubber band & Tape
From left to right in pic : Insert a smallish rubber band inside the bobbin hole.
Cover both open ends with a bit of tape.
Voil脿 ! If it is still a bit loose, add another layer of tape. That’s all there is to it.
The 3rd bobbin shows how the tape indents slightly after a bit of use. The rubber band provides enough spring to keep it all in place while tatting.
4th bobbin is how it looks after reloading bobbin many times, ie. after a lengthy use.
At this stage, re-tape!
Tape & rubber bands are now part of my work basket.

Method 2 : Pencil Eraser
Extreme right you see the long pencil eraser. Insert into bobbin hole, and cut with craft knife. Voil脿!
In the beginning the bobbin is a bit too firm, but once the soft rubber settles down & shapes itself to the dome, the bobbin becomes freer.
After long usage, one may need to add tape to both ends. But it obviates the need for rubber bands.

Concept : The rubber in the band or the eraser provides the spring/tension, and the tape holds it inside. It works beautifully.
Maria had shared a great pictorial using wire tubing to recondition the bobbin shuttles ! 

That’s it for this post. Tomorrow I will share my working of 2 quick projects – yay, I’m back to tatting !!! 
I think my posts should be shorter, hence the ‘break-up’ -- wouldn't want to scare away my 2 followers ;-P It will also give me time to get my chickens all lined up☺


  1. I was a bit puzzled to see the bookmark post at the top again! I've put a bit of felt inside a bobbin too. Happy tatting!

    1. Ah, felt sounds like a good option, Jane ! Must try it.
      Thanks a heap :-)

  2. Shorter posts?? Yay! 馃榾

    I had a bobbin-spinning meltdown this week. Nothing works for me once the tension is gone. Yes again, ordered some post shuttles... Wonder if the transition will work for me THIS time! 馃槀馃槀馃槀

    1. If shorter posts can rope you in, Fox ;-P
      For me, only rubber band doesn't work coz they tend to crawl out. But together with tape, I have no problems.
      Post shuttles are not for me!

  3. This is really helpful! I'm following just desperately drowning in schoolwork but I read each post!

    1. Hey, it works !!! Shorter posts, I mean; though also the bobbin shuttles instead of post. Here's another lost fan of mine showing up ;-D Glad you found this helpful, Michelle :-)))

  4. Thank you for your helpful advice :) Greetings :)

    1. I like to share what works for me, hoping it'll work for some online friend, too :-) Thanks, Anetta

  5. Thank you for the info with pictures!

    1. Thanks for stopping and commenting, Karen :-)

  6. Neat tip with the bobbins,
    Look forward to shorter posts I might get to read to the end. Sometimes I just can't keep up hooray for photos, and I mean that in a nice way,

    1. If only friends weren't so indulgent & voiced their thoughts more often, Margaret :-) I will try to make the posts as short as possible - wouldn't want you running away , LOL. Thanks