Saturday, 1 February 2020

are you playing?

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Continuing with the next round … I am still tatting on this first trial piece hence there are a few limitations.
It is a simple round when tatting from a pattern. But it took me well over an hour to get it to look ‘good’ – there was a lot of retro-tatting! And I also changed the right side chains – all facing inwards didn’t look good at all, unlike the sketch.
As before, I invite you to work as you please, tweak and adjust as you will, sway my heart! The notes are for reference only.

prototype round 2
Pattern, Notes  &  Ideas

  1. This is mainly a chain round with 2 tiny rings at the bottom.
  2. I pulled out about 3/4th yard for core thread, continuous thread.
  3. It can be made with shuttle and ball, ctm, if the ring at tip is worked as a mock ring.
  4. Since I would be constantly placing the motif on the drawing, I started on the top left side, using direct tatting (reverse or unflipped stitches) - no reversing work!
  5. Stitch count is given in pic above. I would reduce the 12 chain on top left to 10 ds.
  6. The first chain segment on the bottom right after the 2 rings, faces INWARDS - hence the count is in brackets. All the rest face outwards.
  7. For the join between segments, I did not use a lock join. Instead I pulled the core thread through picot and passed shuttle through it (remember I was direct tatting). This creates a bit of texture, but more importantly it gives a clean dip, enhancing the curves. I did not count the join as part of the chain.
  8. When placed over the sketch, it coincides fairly well overall. But I still want to increase the asymmetry a bit more.
  9. Now I had this idea to continue around the chains for stability, hence left the threads uncut. But I was also apprehensive that the concentric chains would become too thick. My solution – roll tatting! I do wish there were picots to join to - I will include it in the final pattern. You, on the other hand, can pre-plan your strategy and options.
    TIP: I didn’t remember to jot down the rolls/wraps, but just like in Josephine chains, I wrapped 5, then adjusted/smoothened and snugged. It kept the long roll-tatted chain looking good. 
  10. My other ideas for this round – a. work it in finer thread to keep emphasis on main heart (round 1) ; b. add picots (frayed!) to left side chains and also to the left side of the central ‘ring’ to imitate a gentle sway, a soft breeze :-D

Remember #3 – alternate ideas to stabilise the long chains in round 1?
I remembered one more way to make the round 1 chains stiff. Add up and down beads after every stitch, as in this necklace

Please share your thoughts and your work ... So far I've seen 2 beautiful hearts of which Carollyn has already tweaked and has offered to share her counts.


  1. I love this heart better than mind ❤💐❤ I must have missed that pretty necklace where do you find the directions for this one or how do I find the directions?

    1. You are too kind, Carollyn 💗💖💗 This is my Golden Arches necklace - a competition to include the vintage motif in any form. Details here
      but I still have to upload the pattern. You missed a lot of posts last year - didn't see you as often 😀

  2. Starting to tat mine later today watch this space as they say

    1. Watching eagerly, and excitedly, Margaret 😍 Thank you 💖💗

  3. I have the center part, but it didn't turn out right, guess I might need to use a larger size thread(I used 40 of course!). ;) I will post it on my blog.

    1. Checked your blog, Sue, and it looks nice! If I am not mistaken, Ninetta must've used a size 80 or something - must ask her ;-P
      But yes, one does need to shape it with one's fingers after dampening it. Many thanks :-)))
      Will try and post a much better, improved round 1 tomorrow along with other versions I received!

  4. I need to tat your Sway! It looks like so much fun!!! I'm hustling here to get a few projects complete. Hope to tat your Sway before St. Valentine's Day. Thanks for the pattern. You're such a giving person.

    1. Merely trying to carry on the generous tradition of the tatting community, Anita. Hope you enjoy the sway and share you experiments 💕💕💕