Wednesday, 27 September 2017

eternal circles and arches

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Renata and Justyna take turns coordinating craft series - posting project and tutorial links ranging from tatting, decoupage, sewing, crochet,  etc. They’ve already done many such series, and this time it’s back to “I Love Tatting” by Justyna. Every month there is a new sub-topic – plenty of time to learn new techniques or brush up on old ones. And people join in by posting their project and link during that month. It’s a great way to showcase the immense creativity and skills and be inspired by each other. Check out the details here.

This month (the first in “kocham frywolitkę”) the topic is Circles and Arches. Well, these are universal and ubiquitous ! I chose this simple necklace set with prominent arches and rings....

Noorjahan’s Rubies – a parure

Georgia is continually throwing challenges my way ;-P And I Love it. Makes me crawl out of my comfort zone. This time it was a necklace for Palmettos goody bag. I wanted a set with earrings, too, and at the last moment a ring was thrown in as a bonus pattern. 

This project took me over a month to present. The tatting is very quick, I assure you. But the designing, diagramming, writing, ooooof (am I That inefficient?) - the countless hours ! So I hope at least a few tatters will be willing to give it a go, if only to cheer me on ;-P
The one great thing that came off it all – a new beading method (Floating Beads).

Stephaine Wilson graciously and willingly accepted to test-tat the earring pattern. Her detailed notes, feedback, and input helped tremendously !
I ran out of the large teardrops, and had to snip them off my trial pieces. The earring on the left has longer chain arches. Wanted to show this version as well, though we rejected it (DH had a say in many of the decisions - he was thrilled and quite enamored by the whole tatted jewelry scenario!)

Do you recognize this necklace pattern? Yes, it’s the vintage edging (#7 from Needleart) converted into a necklace. Barely any changes were required!
All the other pieces are based off it to make a set – a parure (a term Georgia introduced me to!).

When it came to naming the piece, Georgia suggested something ethnic. I immediately recalled wanting to design a ruby pendant after reading “The Feast of Roses” by Indu Sundaresan. There is not much literature on this 16th century empress, but the author has brought her to life. Nothing to it but Noorjahan’s Rubies !

My intention was to use this single large oval bead in the center of the necklace, making the centre large, with more tatted chains around. But it looked too dull there, hence tatsmithed around a ring ! It can also be wrapped around a pin for brooch.
And my first time with wire bending ! The ring was a long wire with a loop at one end. I put the straight end through this loop, and then bent it into a similar loop. The ring can now fit any finger. 
The ring and earrings patterns are shared and explained in this Bellaonline article.

The bracelet was tatted while the Tat Days conference was on, hence not a part of the goody bag. This piece has 2 extra 'flowers' - I didn't realise that the tatting would stretch once it was completed and blocked. In fact it Needs to be stretched before blocking. With the extra repeats, it can be worn as a choker !

I’d like to share the design process (what’ll I do with all the pics I took, all the trials I did?!), but in a future post. There’s always a back story with many by-lanes with learning at each step.

I tried to keep beads at a minimum wanting the circles and arches in tatting to show. But I certainly would like to make this in gold thread – it would be truly Indian then. Everyone has heard of the Taj Mahal with it's elegant domes and arches. But it was Noorjahan who first had a tomb built for her father, which later inspired the Taj.

Symbolism –
Black thread - veil/shadows behind which a woman was expected to remain.
(however,  I wish I could tat it in gold -- it would really bring out the ruby reds. )
Rubies – for the ruby gifted to her by her husband when he named Mehrunissa “Light of the Universe - Noorjahan” !
Teardrops – for the blood and tears, the resistance and intrigue, yet dignity under pressure.
Filigree bead cap – reminds me of the intricately beautiful carvings & inlay work by craftsmen at the time.
Diamond spacers & Gold beads – besides prosperity, these sparkling jewels reveal Noorjahan’s brilliance and strength shining through.

Many many thanks, Georgia and Stephanie ! ((((hugs))))

Download Pattern PDFs here - 
1. Noorjahan's Rubies - EARRINGSdiagrams only pdf,
2. Noorjahan's Rubies - NECKLACE diagrams only pdf ,
3. Noorjhan's Rubies - RING/Broochdiagrams only pdf
4. Noorjahan's Rubies - a parureComplete 4-PIECE PATTERN written instructions and notations, along with diagrams, and BRACELET download this pdf.

hope you enjoy tatting a piece of this jewelry …


  1. Exclusive n stunning set Muskaan!!!thanks for sharing.

  2. This is really wonderful work muskaan, well done and congratulations!! I'd love to see it in gold. That would be really sumptuous!

  3. Congratulations, it's very beautiful!

  4. Great and hard work. Beautiful jewellery with detailed explanation and historical context. Great, great, great. I'm very happy that you join to us. Hugs and kisses Justyna

  5. Beautiful necklace set, a lot of work to produce this beautiful set, thank you for sharing the pattern.

  6. Beautiful name, beautiful pattern, beautiful result!

  7. Thank you all so very much for your appreciation and comments :-)
    The tatting is quick and very easy - simple really. It's always the presentation that takes a humongous amount of time, making me wonder whether it is worth it. So a moment of your time to write a comment goes a long way :-) (((hugs)))

  8. Beautiful parure! Thanks for the patterns!

    1. I kept thinking how you'd make it in metallic gold, Ninetta :-) I'll do it someday ;-P

  9. Gorgeous and so elegant!!!!!!! :)

    1. ... and very simple pattern, really! Thanks, Sue :-)

  10. Beautiful set, thank you Muskaan for share the patterns :))

    1. You are most welcome :-) I hope you enjoy tatting some of the pieces