Sunday, 17 September 2017

ties of friendship

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We ‘met’ in Georgia’s online class. Anita has been a huge supporter and her emails are always so sweet and encouraging! She is so talented – many will remember her corn harvest basket and her miniature tatted baby items.  

This year she was teaching a class at Tat Days and imagine my immense surprise and pleasure when I got the same pattern in my inbox almost as soon as the event ended! The pattern will be available on the Palmetto’s CD shortly. I am so touched by her thoughtfulness and generosity and treasure her friendship.

Doctor Who inspired
Red Bow Tie Tatted Necklace
Anita Barry

A 3D bow tie meant to be a necklace with jump rings and chain attached. I intended to sew it on to a hairband; instead a satin ribbon was passed through the bead to use for wrapping a gift. It's theirs to decide how to use the bow :-)

The triangular motif is repeated 4 times – 2 on either side of the bead, folded back on itself, to create this bow tie. Smart – and interesting how ‘easy’ it is to use flat motifs to create a 3D lace.

An alligator join midway through a ring was new to me - stopped me in my tracks! 
But it’s pretty simple – move the ring thread around/behind keeping the core/shuttle thread in front thus 'capturing' the picot and continue, making certain that thread still slides freely. 

Use of padding only one half of a stitch is clever (Half Double Double Stitch - HDD)! It adds stiffness to the tatting to hold shape, without making it bulky ! 
HDD is merely one form of a variable/unequal padded double stitch (pds).
According to the notation we proposed
a HDD would be pds(0,1) ie. regular first half stitch (0 or no wrap), 1 wrap on second half stitch. 
And if one wanted to make 10 such HDD, we would write it as 10pds(0,1).
pds encompasses all the various terms for padding the stitch.

Pattern called for a ½ inch bead. This pearl bead is the only one in my stash. However, one can use any sized bead, I realized only later. A smaller bead, more importantly with a smaller hole would keep the 2 sides from 'flopping'. Or perhaps I didn't snug the bead/tatting tightly enough. As a necklace, it wouldn't matter, though. 

I used size 20 Anchor although the pattern calls for a size 10 thread since I’ve come to realize that the former is pretty close to Lizbeth 10. My bow measures 2”x4” - almost similar to Anita’s. 

Since it is inspired by Dr Who, I went with maroon. Looking back, I really should’ve chosen a lighter colour to bring out the beautiful pattern. Pink, to go with the Barbie story book inside ? ;-P

Many many thanks, Anita :-)
I enjoyed tatting it tremendously & am sure the recipient will like & use it too.


  1. So glad you had fun with this project! And, that it had a new technique for you to look back upon and use in your future creations. I aimed for most people to get well into this project within a couple hours of tatting. I think this pattern moves along quite well. And, the HDD sure provides support and structure to the bow tie. I hope the receiver of the gift has fun with it!

  2. Your bow tie looks wonderful!

  3. Such fun! I like the idea of using it on a gift.

  4. Thank you so very much everybody :-) She was happy with the bow and her grandma had equal fun with it tying it around her own head ;-P
    I think it perked up the gift wrapping as well :-)
    Have a great week !

  5. I love 3D tatting and you are an expert on this very classy, lady!

  6. Great extra for a present! Our family enjoys Dr. Who. Perhaps there will be some of these on gifts next year!

  7. I think it's a pretty cleverly constructed pattern and would look great in lighter shades. Thanks Sue, Carollyn, & Mel :-)))

  8. It's wonderful creation out of a tatted triangular motif!!! Great idea of gift wrapping too. U should have chosen lighter color thread Muskaan.

    1. Colour is my excuse to tat it again, Usha :-D