Thursday, 14 September 2017

floating beads PART 5

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In one of my earlier pictorials I mentioned that Floating Beads method can be used in SCMRs, but didn’t actually get around to doing it. Jane’s earrings provided the impetus to take it up again.


We make the floating bead first, followed by whatever ring type one wants. It had all started with FB in thrown ring, next in normal ring and now in SR, SCMR with TR, and SSSR.

The basic steps remain the same – 
Step 1 - first pull loop through bead and either fold loop back around bead or pass shuttle through loop and tension (variation A) 
Step 2 – a half knot encapsulating the bead.

Since I’m using smaller 4mm pearl beads for these trials, I went with var A.
I’ve used 2 colours to show which shuttle is used to dangle the bead. If you’ve tried the FB method, these pics are self-explanatory.

Floating Beads - in Split Ring (SR)
Besides doing it in the split ring, I tried an additional idea – dangling 2 beads in the ring – 
one each from the 2 shuttles. We can have more than 2, of course, as in the tatted Josephine Rings here.
Also, I deliberately left a long shank and made several half knots (a Josephine chain) along it.
Crossed over ;-D

Floating Beads - in Self Closing Mock Ring (SCMR)
The SCMR is in progress using blue core, and a ring was thrown off with red. Both have a FB.
SCMR closed.

FB in Single Shuttle Split RIng (SSSR)
Using blue shuttle only, this SSSR also has a FB inside.

Since the bead is floated Before the ring is made, we have a choice of which shuttle to use in case of 2-shuttle tatting.
But unlike normal rings, we cannot make a FB After a SR or SSSR is completed because the thread(s) will not be emerging at the start of ring. 
Hmmm, so can we dangle a bead from the other end ? Oh dear, not another trial !
Actually, though theoretically possible, the bead will not dangle properly. It will have a tendency to flop back towards the next/new element, following the ‘pull’ of the thread. 
Phew, no more trials !

floating away to some other tatting :-)

All Floating Beads pictorials in My Tutorials page above. 


  1. It's amazing what your mind wanders into and all the experimenting you do! Thanks for sharing all your tatting education!!! :)

  2. You've really started something for me! I love this idea for beading and dangles and such. Thank you! Now to finish the current projects so that I can have fun with your earring patterns!!!!

  3. I love that you come up with so many variations of an idea. I am determined to find time to tat those earrings... not today, though. I'm subbing

  4. I enjoyed these experiments tremendously and since the beads were neither tiny nor pre-strung, I didn't mind at all ;-P
    Thanks Jane, Sue, Mel & Diane ! Have a great tatting-filled weekend