Friday, 15 September 2017

Cascade bracelet

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Cascade Bracelet
Adaptation of Cascade Earrings by Jane McLellan

As mentioned in earlier post, this bracelet is an application of Jane’s Cascade Earrings pattern.

No change in stitchcount of each ring or the process/path. 
Merely reduced the number of rings, making smaller 'diamonds' along the length 
and adding the entire earring pattern too for a bit of width and interest.

All in one pass, in size 20 Anchor and 4mm white pearl beads. 7 inches long.
Techniques : single shuttle , SSSR - single shuttle split ring,lock join, bead at base of ring.

After 2 rings, in order to make the next single ring in center, 
I made a lock join to the bare thread between the rings. 
This is required because the shuttle is on the farther side of the bead.

It was fun all the way !! And I like the gentle colours.
Once you get into a rhythm, the pattern flows easily and it is quick to tat up.
The bracelet took up a fully loaded Pony shuttle - that would be around 6 yards.

Hope you too are inspired to tat up the earrings and bracelet set J


  1. Fabulous!! Well done you. Love it.

  2. Looks lovely in those colors. You did a beautiful job turning a pretty earring pattern into a matching bracelet, too.

  3. You inspire me all the time! Now if this job thing didn't get in the way...😄

  4. Thank you everybody :-))))
    I Loved making it - all it needs now is the other earring to complete the set.

  5. I admire the set,
    But the earrings are beautiful

  6. I like this gentle color :) Beautiful bracelet!

  7. So happy you like it Renata, Marja & Anetta :-) Hope you make it some time.

  8. The color..sigh!! Reminds me of Disney's Cinderella :) Blue and Princessy.

  9. I love this combination and reminds me of something. it is a beautiful pattern!

  10. Love your Princessy reminder, Deepa ! Indeed this is the colour of Cinderella's gown :-)
    Thanks Carollyn. This combo is my favorite, too :-)