Saturday, 2 September 2017

greetings and an invitation

A quick note to say "Hello" to everybody. :-D

Also want to apologise for not responding to all the love and support you have left through comments & emails to my recent posts.

I've been missing out on reading blogs and leaving comments. Fingers crossed I don't miss out too much on inspiring posts and can catch up soon. Working against a deadline I'm finding it difficult to focus on anything else.

But I am also very very excited to show you some wonderful effects using Floating Beads (FB is related to that deadline project) !!
My 3rd post was going to be quite limited, but I discover there is a lot more to the method than first thought ;-P  The number of pics has increased,  too.
Hence the earring pattern will have to be shifted to the last post (you see, I also made a 2-colour version of the earrings ;-P).

I invite you to put on your creative imagination caps and come journey with me .... watch this space for the exciting new display of FB effects :-)


(Posting from tablet - please excuse any typos)

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