Saturday, 9 September 2017

pretending we're there

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So Vicki suggested we pretend we’re at the ongoing Palmetto Tat Days and tat anything from their previous events while eating chocolate today.
Hmm, I've switched from chocolates to Indian sweets for last several months and only have mishti doi (a Bengali version of thick sweetened fermented yogurt) in the fridge. I've already dipped into a spoonful and will be licking my bowl clean after dinner ;-P 
No Palmetto's T-shirt, but wore my black-laced kaftan

As for what to tat – I chose to design and work on a bracelet - 

Noorjahan’s Rubies - Bracelet

For the goody bag (thanks, Georgia Jthis year I had sent in patterns for a 3-piece jewellery set – all about it in a future post. This bracelet is also derived from the same pattern. 
And I was pleasantly surprised to receive a lovely email straight from the event last evening froma very special friend! Feels like I'm practically there attending right at this moment ;-P

Very quick to tat up. The foundation row was completed last evening. 

Worked the rest today with plenty of time to block (though still damp).

Tatted continuously in one pass, 2 shuttles CTM, about 10 yards

It does ruffle when working the outer rows, but lays flat after some damp finger-blocking. 
The 10 repeats should be whittled down to 9 or 8 because it stretches when blocking. 
Instead of 7", it is now 8" long. 2 cms wide. 

This can easily work as a choker instead of bracelet. 
I sewed in the danglers later using finer thread.

I'll be sharing all 4 patterns together - necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet along with the rationale behind name and colours. I update with a link here as well.

Despite having a lot to share I have been goofing off for the last few days – resting my arm and eyes, avoiding the desktop (except once to catch up on my blog-hopping) after weeks of marathon sessions writing up presentations & pictorials. Even tatting was at a bare minimum. So Vicki's proposal stirred me up and I'm back in full force :-D And with beads, too, despite what I felt a couple of days back!

Come join in ... details on Vicki's blog 


  1. Spectacular bracelet muskaan! You say it's simple, but it's very effective, especially in black and red.

    1. Wish I could’ve used gold thread for entire set, Jane, but black here symbolises how women were supposed to remain in the shadows, .... more later ;-)

  2. Beautiful bracelet and addition to the goody bag. I'm putting a link to this post on my post from earlier today. Cheers!

    1. Thanks, Vicki, and eager to see more tatting from other participants tomorrow :-) So glad you had this idea !

  3. Absolutely gorgeous bracelet!!!! :) We should start a Tat-Days online for those who can't join. I think there might be many who would love to join(me!!). :)
    Sounds like fun!! :)

    1. Sue, you have the entire day (9th) to participate -- check Vucki'S blog (link above) ! I'm ahead by about 12 hours, hence ...
      Hoping to see your tatting when I wake up tomorrow :-)

  4. Red rubies blending well with black!!! Beautiful bracelet👍

  5. Happy you liked it Usha, Ninetta, & Margaret :-)