Friday, 22 September 2017

so far

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How far can I go with designing my first ‘doily’, I’d asked last time?
Here's how far I've come, so far ...

a snowflake ….
The first 3 rounds with picots and only 6 rings in the central rosette could masquerade as a snowflake, right? But the rosette needs some decorative picots I think.
The 3rd round here completely flattens out even without any blocking ! The initial ruffling is a design characteristic - I won't call it a flaw.

a possible motif ….
These 3 round medallions can probably be joined as motifs for a larger fabric.

After tweaking, ruffling was tamed, and with light blocking it stays flat.
One of the tweaks was to add some bare thread space between central rings. Unfortunately the compactness and slimmer teardrop shape of rings (as in the bronze one) got lost. Should I give it another go ?

To maintain the radiating look I nixed any thought of inward facing rings in later rounds.

Also realised that for a larger project, it is not enough to design the immediate next round. One has to think ahead to the round after that as well, in order to determine the placement of joining picots in next round. Doesn't mean I can transfer the “think ahead” to real life ;-P

and 5 (4 tatted) rounds….
I used Sketcher Guru app on my tablet to draw rounds 4 & 5, and a rough 6.
Have I ever crossed 3 rounds/rows in any of my designs ? Doubt it.
So I’ve decided to christen this ‘Aspiration’. It kind of suits the ever-widening radiating look, too – like widening my horizons, moving beyond my comfort zone, yada yada yada …
My intention is for rounds 4 & 5 to reflect rounds2 & 3. Let’s see.

Does the design resemble any snowflake or doily? I haven't copied any pattern, but who knows what's stored in the recesses of my cluttered brain! It’s such a simple pattern after all.
I used to dissuade myself from creating a simple pattern especially for a larger piece. But baby steps are important. I’m really excited about this now that it is laying flat.

Almost forgot – the tiny little leaf is Simple Shamrock earrings pattern is by Stephanie Wilson from the 52 Earrings Project (does this count, Mel ;-D). I made it in size 40 'coz she loves tiny thread (hey, I’m Not going beyond 40, Steph !). We’ve decided to sit side by side and tat ‘n’ chat, pretending we’re at the Fringe Elements ;-P Vicki’s posted another charade with simple rules … Join us ? I didn’t get to see what others had made last time, but as long as one is tatting, game on J
And this is my answer to the question in the Shamrocks pattern.  
#fringetatdays  #Tatting 

here’s to another round, ahem, of tatting !å


  1. Fabulous design!!! :) I love the tiny variations in each!! :) And yes, I see a snowflake!! :)

    1. You give me hope, Sue :-))) Thanks a heap.

  2. Ah yes, lying flat is important, well done! I really like the one with bare threads between the rings. It makes me think of a spirograph design. Good luck. I remember the first time I tried to just wing a doily larger than 3 rounds. Goodness, much more difficult than I had visualised, it ruffled in a completely unacceptable manner. But yes, you have to start somewhere.

    1. Okay Jane, the bare thread stays :-))) It Does reduce the ruffling, hence more practical too. But glad you like it, so now I feel more comfortable going with it.
      I had to refer to my Jottings page about ruffling v/s cupping - those points helped.

  3. Looking good so far, I like your pattern, and look forward to seeing more

    1. Thanks Margaret :-) 6 rounds completed, yay !

  4. Replies
    1. I can't help thinking that the central part of a doily will be hidden under something, so I try to think ahead what I want the last round looks like, the printed polar grid helps me a lot, but honestly it doesn't help always in any doily. Good luck.

    2. Thanks, Ninetta, means a lot to me :-)
      Your tip is excellent and very handy!
      But for the present my head starts to spin if I try to think too far ahead ;-P
      I have completed tatting 6 rounds now, and have an idea of what I want only up to the 7th so far. But it is a thrilling experience.