Saturday, 19 October 2019

false CTM Part 2

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Continuing the concluding Part 2 of false ctm. As expected (see comments in Part 1), most of us already use this trick in some form or situation. Now we have a name for it (thanks to Jane McLellan), and a number of situations listed together for easy reference. 

Combining CTM and False CTM

Following are examples where one set of ball and shuttle is wound ctm, but a 3rd shuttle/thread is also at play. The first shuttle or the ball is used only later.
Can we call this false ctm?  Or is it delayed ctm?! ;-D

4. False ctm in 2-colour tatting
In the doily I started, I wanted to add colour only in the center, and the next few rounds were to be in ecru, worked continuously. Here’s what I did –
Wind 1 shuttle fully, but keep the thread connected to the ecru ball as in CTM (NOTE: ball can be replaced with a 2nd shuttle; here I used ball). Wind another shuttle with some green thread for the rings.
I started with the green ring, using the ecru ball for chain. The ecru shuttle lies to the side and will not be used in this round.
Notice there is only one green tail at the beginning, hidden in first ring!
After working the last chain (seen from back in first pic), cut the green thread, join to base of 1st ring, and hide tail on the other side of same ring (or under next row element).
I now have 2 ‘continuous’ ecru threads ready to start the next round!
If pattern calls for 2 shuttles, pull out thread from the ball and wind 2nd shuttle – a ‘false ctm’ – or continue with ball and shuttle.

5. False ctm in SCMR
[ SCMR – self-closing mock ring ]
A mock ring is often used as a central ring/medallion to climb out into the next round. Usually the ring is made separately if using 2 colours, or we climb out using a mock picot for which CTM is required. Following are examples where false ctm is used effectively.

I like to use a different colour for the ring. Pull out a length and wind in blue shuttle to make the SCMR. When the ring is closed, make a mock picot to climb out (#5 in collage above. If the pattern calls for it, we can tat a split ring to continue in ring/chain round). Now add new thread to the red shuttle, ie. on the core thread, and continue with next round.
Notice in step #8, 3 shuttles are still attached. This gives me a choice of which shuttle to use to continue, if I have sufficient thread in each.

This heart is another example of 2 coloured tatting using red mock rings in center. The false ctm involves 2 balls and one shuttle (yellow is ctm ; yellow shuttle & red ball is false ctm). Since the outer round is simple rings and chains, I snip off and later hide the red tail, continuing only with yellow ball and shuttle. 

Above is an example where a ball and shuttle are used, but the threads are cut/different colours. Use shuttle to make the mock ring (tatting over ball tail) and climb out. Hide the shuttle tail in next element.
Ball can be replaced with a 2nd shuttle. Colours can be switched. Possibilities galore.

In summary,
Anything that we do with CTM (continous thread), can be done with False CTM, and much more, since the latter allows use of different colour. The main thing is to Look before starting and review choices. We don’t Need to start CTM every time a pattern calls for it. Use your discretion to convert it into false ctm, if required and play with leftover threads and colours.
My pictorials depict a sequence where the threads are in position for the next element or row. However, we can use a shoe lace trick (SLT) to change positions.

And don't forget to join me in my next post - I have a New snowflake that I am itching to show you, along with a pattern!!! 


  1. Very clever moves. Just got to think ahead a bit.

  2. I was reading again these two parts (thank you very much for this) and found that the link for part 1 doesn't work, also in the common threads list (I had to delete 1 letter)

    1. Very grateful for pointing this out, Nin 💕 Changed, but curious because the link was .com! I have no understanding of this, sigh.
      ManTatter offered to change (so sweet!💖) but I'm waiting till after July when the new layout is Implemented.

    2. Huh, noticed now - it was plural (ctms) 😃