Wednesday 31 May 2023

giftme roundup 2

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 Continuing from my last post ( this is the final batch of models tatted for the March game - Gift Me (#giftmeEndrucks) in our FB group. Patterns are compiled in the Basket/Bowl/Bag Directory - ( and all patterns are derived from Endrucks' 1920 book 'Die Schiffchen-Spitszen’ which was presented in modern format in the Endrucks 1920 Project - (

11. Daniela Galli -
E44 - Mother’s Day 3D Basket. Pattern shared (new)

E44 - Mother’s Day 3D Bowl. Pattern shared (new)

E17 - 3D Egg Shell. Pattern shared (new)

12. Brookie Heightsmen -
E27 - Fence/Basket with #pickme motifs from E8 - flowers and E32 - butterfly

E44 - Easter Basket (new)

E44+E1 3D Easter Basket with Bunny. Pattern shared 

13. Beata Sumowska -
E31 - Lacy Basket

E17 - 3D Egg Shell.

E44 - Mother’s Day 3D Bowl

E44 - Mother’s Day 3D Bowl filled with iridiscent pearls

E31 - Lacy Bowl upended and ....
In truth, this bowl was tatted in late February directly from the German book and as expected, the doily cupped into a bowl. 
E31 - Lacy Bowl with eggs for the game

14. Antonia Lai -
E17 - 3D Egg Shell.

E17 - 3D Egg Shell.

E17 - 3D Egg Shell.- one half. 
This could well be a mini bowl!

E31 - Lacy Bowl (partial)
This is what she said - "My bowl did not work well as I chose the wrong thread. It is cotton embroidery thread and is so difficult to tatt. I like the colors though.
I did not complete the whole pattern.

It goes well with little chicks. Perhaps I make it as a pin cushion cover.
I enjoyed the pattern and will do it again.

15. Anna Tedesco -
E17 - 3D Egg Shell

As always, Anna tatted more than just one! She is a 'Faster Tatter'!

16. Anna Pagliari -
E17 - 3D Egg Shell - one half.

E17 - 3D Egg Shell displayed as an egg bowl!

17. Anna Bonelli -
E44 - Basket (or Bowl) of Flowers 
E25 - Flowers decoratively inserted

E31 - Lacy Basket "for a little chick" with a slightly modified handle.

E3- Chocolate/Fruit Basket embellished with colourful tatted flowers
E1- Happy Hands butterfly

As you can see in the roundups, most participants tatted more than one beautiful model and also played at creatively displaying their work. Most of them have also participated in several of our games and continue to do so. It is what gives us extra energy to think up new ideas for each game of the month.

We would also like to extend a special thanks to Brookie, Daniela, Krystyna, and Paola Bevilacqua for taking the time and effort to share their derivative patterns in time for the game! 

A huge thanks and hugs from 
Ninetta and muskaan
Many many thanks to all our talented participants and designers!


  1. Sweet baskets and eggs. Your games certainly inspire creativity.

    1. Creative fun and inspiration is what it's all about, true Jane. 💙

  2. Tons of creativity!!! :)
    Everything is so pretty!! :)

    1. Sometimes it amazes me how we see the same things to create something different, Sue 🧡

  3. Amazing how many patterns have come from one original book. so many baskets and all different.

  4. Beautiful vintage baskets in Eleonore's style.

    1. Quite true, Marja, and your egg decoration was included in the directory too 💚