Sunday, 25 January 2015

Tatting Away X

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Aislyn’s Bookmark
Designer : Carrie Neahring

Carrie, on Craftree, created this bookmark pattern as an incentive & reward for her little daughter, Aislyn, if she would finish her reading her book. It worked ! Not only did the 5 year old complete the book, but was thrilled to have her Mom create something special for her.
I offered to test tat the pattern, which Carrie will soon share on Craftree . I will update with links then. It is her very first attempt at designing & writing out a pattern. 

My conceptualization of this, which influenced the choice of colours, was a garland of daisies in the centre, surrounded by green leaves & vines, all abloom on the brown twigs/stems. Not very original, but I tend to stay close to/within the box ;-P

Threads Used :
Anchor Mercer Crochet size 20.
Yellow : 4054-0289 
Variegated Green : 4054-1213
Variegated Brown/Tan : 4054-1218 

On completion : approx. 6½” x 1½” (without tassel)
Each daisy is 1” across.

It is an easy, beginner’s pattern, done in 3 rows, with simple rings & chains for the most part, & tie & cut at each stage. However, it can easily be adapted into an advanced pattern by use of 2-shuttles & techniques to climb out of elements/motifs.

I played with threads & colours in the last row .… The metallic green adds bling but hides the clover in the previous row. The dark brown was my 1st choice, & it shows the clover off well; but it seemed a bit too overbearing & a tad out of place. Snipped them both off & settled on the variegated brown.
Added a little tassel using up some of the leftover threads (variegated green & brown).

My Thoughts :
  • I liked the easy flow of this pattern.
  • It lends itself nicely to both single shuttle & ball, as well as 2-shuttle tatting.
  • Good practice for beginners.
  • One can play around with colours & placement to create abstract or decorative pieces.
  • Since I was testing the written pattern, I did not stray into advanced techniques as far as possible. However, if I were to make this again, I would join the daisies using Split Chain to climb from one daisy to next. I Really need the practice !
  • I would Definitely use 2 shuttles for the 2nd row, since it has thrown rings on chain. It is so much neater. However, SLTs (shoe lace trick) can be used if working with only 1 shuttle.
  • I love the little chain doubling up as a small ring on the last row ! Clever application :-)
Update : Here is Carrie Neahring’s pdf download link for her Aislyn’s Bookmark. Do take a look at her bookmark – adorable colours & gorgeous tassel ! Hope you enjoy making it :-) She has uploaded it on Craftree here, & kindly accepted to share it through my blog as well, for anybody interested.  

Motif #3/II for 25 Motif Challenge


Before I sign out, the progress on Days 7 & 8 of ....

Surely it's a Bunny !
Bunny leap snipped short by a (?) Scissors?!
Since Day 2, I had been predicting that this year's piece is a Crocodile. But by Day 6, I had started my hop across to the rabbit colony, & was officially declaring it with a rhyme before Day 8, when all my guesses were cut to pieces !!! Day 8 looked Nothing like a rabbit :-(  Instead, the only image that leaped out was of a scissors-in-the-making. A good tool to cut off mistakes – be it in tatting or in guessing .

I bit the bait
At the TIAS gate
Tooting a toothless
Crocodile thing !

Come Day Eight
With a clean slate
I have hopped over
To the Bunny ring !

Ends the long wait
For her rabbit mate
Maureen's Easter Bunny
Is here with a spring !!!

My apologies to Fox (Day 6 rhyme) & Maureen , for taking the liberty ....


Happy tatting :-)


  1. What a nice reward for her daughter and such a nice bookmark too. Aislyn is one lucky gal.

    1. Thanks Bernice :-) I'm sure your comment will make Carrie very happy. I made an error which is now amended - sweet little Aislyn is just 5 years old !
      I so appreciate the Good values her parents are passing on to and inculcating in her :-)

  2. Thank you Jane & Sue :-)
    Appreciate it ...

  3. Wonderful bookmark and good cheer for the TIAS.

    1. Merci, Emilia :-)
      Yes, I am having a good time with the TIAS, except that the guesses are going awry ;-P

  4. lovely tatting. i think scisors

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by :-)
      Yes, scissors it is ;-P All lobsters and rabbits have been cut to size !

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jenn :-)
      I've just uploaded a hearts pattern .... Hope you check it out :-)

  6. I have updated the post with direct pdf links to this bookmark pattern, which Carrie has so graciously shared .