Saturday, 3 January 2015

OMG ! It’s 2015

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Oh  Mighty Google gods …. They were too busy to respond to my simple pre-programmed ‘Publish’ setting for the 1st of this new year !
So, I start my 2015 blogging with a delay, in sync with the delayed snowflake tatting of 2014 ;-P

To all my followers & visitors – accidental or intentional – Thank you !
And here’s wishing you a very fulfilling 2015.

To all in Tatland, 
may it be an extremely cre(T)ative & Tat-isfying year ahead.

My pathetic attempt to dress up (part of) my tree so that I could display my snowflakes and a few forgotten motifs that popped out of the box (I don’t even remember why I tatted them in the first place, & why they weren’t used subsequently)! I hope to start early this year & decorate the tree in a more aesthetic & organized manner.

For the pieces that do have a pattern &/or source, starting from top (click on respective names for free pattern) :
Neemiss Snowflake prototype trial 

Few of my 2015 objectives :

  • Complete the crochet Memory Afghan (it is almost 70% complete, without the border)
  • Participate in Jane’s TIAS
  • Complete my Pink Chrysanthemum version of  Renulek’s 2014 Spring Napkin (the Right threads are Finally on their way)
  • Tat at least a couple of Snowflakes every month.
  • Try to design more & better patterns.
  • Learn & practice Inkscape & convert pics to diagrams.
  • Following from diagramming, convert my patterns to pdf.
  • Learn more tatting techniques such as clunies/tallies, Ankars, using beads, etc. etc.

In short ....
Learn Learn Learn Learn Learn
Practice Practice Practice
Apply Apply Apply
Improve Improve
Complete !


  1. Happy new year! I hope to accomplish your objectives.

    1. Maria, we journey together , but you are already way ahead :-) Thank you for your friendly company.

  2. Good luck, I'm sure you'll achieve all that!

    1. I hope so, but there are so many "distractions" in this online Tatland ;-P

  3. Funny, I never thought of using different colors for different rows of snowflakes! Yours look great. Thank you for the BFO (Blasting Flash of the Obvious), and nudging me out of my rut.

    So enjoy your blog. You are a natural teacher.

    1. Lol, 'BFO' is something that haunts & taunts us quite often in some way or other ;-D

      Thanks for your kind words - it is one of the best complements I've received ! I, however, remain a student .....

  4. Great start to the tree. I'm sure it will have many more snowflakes come next December. Your tatting "to do" list is almost as big as mine :)

    1. Amen :-)
      I will be raiding your Inkscape tuts once this bittercold sun-less weather subsides ! I was looking for an Inkscape android app , but not there.... So desktop it is ...

  5. Happy new year! You inspired me to write down a todolist too, I put that on first place! (Joking! ) I wish you to learn improve and complete as much well as you teach. Thanks for all your tutorials!

    1. Love your sense of humour, Ninetta :-D
      My to-do list needs more to-doing already : I forgot about bookmarks, Hyperbolic tatting,.....

      Thank you for your kind wishes - they are reciprocated in equal measure :-)

  6. Your snowflakes and motifs dress up that tree nicely!! :)
    I too am planning on finishing my version of Renulek’s 2014 Spring Napkin this year.
    Hopefully your will achieve all yours goals!! :)

    1. Thanks, Sue :-)
      So glad to tat alongside you ! Eager to see your progress on the doily, among other creative stuff .... :-)