Thursday, 15 January 2015

Tatting Away IX

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"When You Wish Upon a Star", 
you get a snowflake too !
Pattern by : Jenny L Seymour & Georgia Seitz (click for direct link)

It just so happened that this pattern was added to Craftree here, but without any image. When I tried to locate a version on Google & pinterest, I was unsuccessful. So I plunged right in to ‘solve the mystery’ of what & how it looks.

It is composed of 2 parts – the center that was designed by Georgia & the outer star spokes designed by Jenny.

I used a very old ball of Anchor Mercer Crochet in size 40. It has yellowed in some areas, so the star will need washing …

Round 1 measures 5cm from point to point. It contains a split ring & mock picot to climb out, & the outer chains have thrown rings. Hence 2 shuttles are required, wound CTM.
Update : This centre is beginning for Georgia Seitz's Round Robin for Beginners, here . The pattern is given, along with clear, detailed instructions and diagrams , for working it with traditional method, or with a couple of advanced techniques such as a split ring, .... 

This center can easily work as a Snowflake !

Round 2 measures 10cm/4” from point to point. It can be done with single shuttle & ball, too.
There is slight ruffling on this round, but nothing that a little stretching, ironing, or blocking will not take care of. For the lead picture I only stretched it a bit with my fingers - nothing else.

The instructions are pretty clear & after a rough initial sketch of Round 1, to get a sense of what lay in store, it was easy going.

I applied FS/BS tatting for this piece. I did not need to post the shuttle at any time ! Thoroughly enjoyed the process, especially since it started out as a ‘blind date’ ;-P
So, make a wish upon the new rising star of 2015 :-)

Meanwhile, I am punctuating my crochet with Jane’s TIAS 2015, about which I will blog after a few more ‘Days’ have been revealed .

Motif #2/II of 25 Motif Challenge


  1. I remember when I was first learning how to tat, I made that center motif. The rest of the rounds were different, it was a Round Robin doily pattern, and I only got to Round 2. Yours looks much nicer than mine did :)

    I like how the negative space in Round 2 creates another star. Did you tat this without having a photo reference, due to the website photo being broken? I'd find that really difficult!

    1. Robin, thank you so much for the info .... I did some more searching, & have updated the post with another link. Georgia has actually spelled out the centre pattern in great detail, with pics & diagrams.
      Unfortunately, I could not find any 2nd round versions/homework. Would love for you to share yours :-)

      Yes, tatted without any visual reference. Hence did some quick sketching to get a rough idea, based on the text. I always prefer some visual cue(s). But no pic added to the thrill & mystery factor & heightened my curiosity & eagerness to TIAS ;-)

  2. Very beautiful snowflake!!! :)

  3. This pattern is beautiful ans your piece looks good.

    1. Thanks, Lilas :-)
      Your interview was very interesting & enlightening :-)