Wednesday, 21 January 2015


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I can safely call this post WIPs … Works in Progress, TIAS included !

New Learning, New Insights

This is my 2nd year of Jane's Tat It And See . I learned a lot in the 2014 series & shared my musings my learning in 2 posts (click on links for respective pages)
Besides the jump-start to learning modern or more advanced techniques in tatting, it was so much FUN that not joining again was Not an option !

I used Anchor Mercer Cotton size 20, Variegated Pink : 4054-1208 

The Firsts
Tatting with/on a button
Like beads, it was on my to-learn list, but as you know, it is always such a long list with shifting attention & priorities. So, this year's TIAS gave me the boost to cross at least one off my list.
Turned out to be pretty easy ! Why did I take so long ?!
I did snag my thread a bit the 1st time, trying to pull it up through the button hole with a fine crochet hook. Why ?!! I had a shuttle with a hook that could pass through that hole ... did I have a hole in my head ?!
Smooth sailing thereafter :-D
Now to tackle beads ..... like I said, the list never ends ;-P

Lock Chain
Seen so many wonderful bookmark tails & Jane's snowflakes, etc. using this technique. I knew how it was made, too. Never got around to actually doing it. So another first. Easy. Just required a little more focus to prevent premature locking down, & keep the chain neat.
TIP : I think the beauty of a lock chain is revealed more when there are contrasting colours in the shuttles.

My guess since Day 2 has remained Crocodile, although I can see where the other guesses are coming from, too. 
Tat It And See

commanded Jane, so
Sat And I Tatted,
Saw As I Tatted,
it's a crocodile,  no ?!!

With my Day 6 installment, a few lines based on the main guesses/ categories …. Lots of guesses coming in, but each has some hitch or the other. I’ve tried to include these main guesses, along with their glitches in this verse (but some of them raced right out of my mind when I penned this : Starfish, Wheel, Windmill) :

Squids are slippery
Birds follow suit .
Dragonflies flutter away
Plants hafta take root !

Dolphins are playful
Bunnies are cute .
Crocodiles are toothy
Scissors' a brute !

But the Foxiest conjecture
A Cowboy without Boots !
Oh, Whatever we guess,
Jane cares not two hoots ;-(
                                                                                        muskaan, Jan 2015

And the fun continues !!! Do join in if you haven’t yet :-)


Waves In the Sea
(On the Crochet Front)
A couple of pics showing the growing sea of flowers in the MemoryAfghan
Last 10 motifs left to crochet ! Didn’t get around to trying out the border/edging. Waiting to finish motifs & then focus on that.

The afghan looks much much better in reality than in the snaps, brightening up the room & livening up the cold wintry greys. DH loves this one the best so far ;-)


Daisies in Winter
(Back to Tatting)
I took a day off from crocheting, to test tat Aislyn’s Bookmark, a pattern by Carrie Neahring
It is a fairly easy, beginner’s pattern. Will write about it soon.


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  1. Love your poem about TIAS guesses! Very creative. The afgan will be a real treasure when you finish it so bright and filled with memories of other projects. I wonder if I could come up with a similar tatted project (smaller of course) to use up leftover thread. Hmmmmm! You've got me thinking.

    1. Thank you :-D But Fox has just changed her guess to toucan ;-P

      I have actually come across the idea on pinterest - somebody used up her scraps in tatted florets, attaching on the go , leading to a colourful piece ! If you are interested, I can add a link later....