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Tatting Pattern : Trailing Hearts Earrings & Bookmark

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Trailing Hearts Pattern

What else but hearts, this close to St Valentine’s Day ?
I started this as part of  Dorothea’s Land of Laces Heart Challenge. (click on link to her site & challenge). 
Sharing patterns for a pair of earrings & a bookmark. However, this is not the end of the application …. Using the single heart or the heart column, one can create motifs, insertions, crosses, pendants, & so on, all in one pass. The heart(s) can trail one behind the other or be at right angles to each other or at 180° ie. opposite-facing. For some fascinating examples, this post might come in handy.

The Trailing Hearts Pattern requires 2 shuttles & a knowledge of Split Rings, SLTs & Slope & Roll Join. (If you haven’t tried any of the techniques used in the patterns, simply Google for tutorials, or write to me in case of difficulty)
For the tip of single heart/end heart, an SCMR is used, but this is optional & can be substituted with a normal ring, a large bead, a double picot, …..as desired.
A single colour thread can be used. I used 2 colours in order to highlight the heart shaped outline.

Abbreviations Used (common to both patterns)
Ch : chain                                              SR : split ring
Cl : close ring                                        SS : switch shuttles
p : picot                                                 Sh : shuttle
sp : small picot                                     SLT : shoe lace trick
R : ring                                                   SCMR : self-closing mock ring
RW : reverse work                               S&R join : Slope & Roll join
+ : join                                                    vvsp : very very small picot


UPDATE : The pattern can now be downloaded directly. Click on the title above for pdf.
My first attempt at making earrings. I haven’t been able to read up on tutorials yet, so the earring hook insertion may require some learning & experience.

Threads & Measurements :
Anchor Mercer Crochet Cotton. Size 20.
Off white : 0300  (in Sh1)
Red : 4054-0046  (in Sh2)
Less than 1.5 m or yards of each thread is required for 2 earrings (only about 52 inches).
Each heart measures about 1” across & ¾” long
If you prefer FS/BS tatting, then only the 1st R-A needs to be done in FS/BS.

First add a bead to the Sh2 or red thread. If not using bead, then substitute with picot in pattern.
Start with Sh1 (light colour):
R-A : 5 sp 3 p 3 sp 5  Cl. RW
Ch : 17 . SS 
SR-B : 5 / 4 + 3 + 4  Cl. SS
SCMR : 2 bead (or picot) 2  SS
SR-C : 5 / 4 + 3 + 4  Cl. SS
Ch : 17 . Join to base of ring A.
Insert the earring hook. Tie & cut. Hide ends.

Make a 2nd pair & you are ready to dress up your ears for the big day (or gift it).
For Pendant, make a 3rd heart & substitute hook with ring .


Trailing Hearts Bookmark

The heart pattern Actually started as a way to overcame a logistical hurdle of how to create hearts trailing one behind the other, all in one pass, to make an all-hearts bookmark.  I should’ve used brighter colours … maybe next time.

Threads Used : Anchor Mercer Crochet Cotton size 20
Peach 4054-0347  (in Shuttle 1)
Dark Maroon 4054-022  (in Shuttle 2)
Amount of thread required :
Approx. 6½m or 7.2 yards in shuttle 1 & 5.6m or 6 yards in shuttle 2 for bookmark only.
But with 2 full bobbins, you can easily make 1 bookmark & 1 or 2 separate individual hearts/ a pair of earrings.
Measurements :
Single Heart : approx. ¾” x  ¾” 
Bookmark : 7 hearts (without tail) : 5½” long & <1” wide
Total length including tail & end heart : 10”

Sequence :
  • For the very 1st heart Only, after making closing R1, make a very very small picot before starting the 15 chain. I have indicated this with a U-pin inserted through that vvsp, as seen in adjoining pic. However, this vvsp is Optional, as one can join to the base of the ring later.
  • Each heart in the bookmark is basically made up of repeats of the heart pattern .
  • Each heart consists of a sequence of normal ring (R-A), long arched chain, split ring (SR-B), short chain , repeated to desired length …. Then return back with an  SCMR, split ring (SR-C), & long arched chain joined to base of R-A, short chain, SR-C & so on till we reach back to the 1st heart & join the chain to the base of R-A or to the very very small picot.
  • Thus this sequence is ‘split vertically’ in order to make a column of hearts in one pass, returning to complete the missing half (viz. short chain, SR3 & long chain).
  • Then one continues to make the tail & the single heart charm.
Note : The diagram shows only 2 hearts - the 1st & last. However, repeat the pattern for as many times as desired Between these 2 end hearts . 

Bookmark :
Start with Sh 1 (light colour):
** R-A : 5 sp 3 p 3 sp 5  Cl.  RW only for this 1st heart
Ch : 15 . SS 
SR-B : 5 / 4 + 3 + 4  Cl. SS
Ch : 3 . RW **
Repeat from ** to ** 5 more times, to make 6 half hearts in a column.
For 7th (or last heart, depending on the number of hearts you want),
R-A : 5 sp 3 p 3 sp 5  Cl.
Ch : 15 . SS  
SR-B : 5 / 4 + 3 + 4  Cl. SS
SCMR : 2 p 2  Cl. SS

This completes one vertical half of the column & we now return back up to complete the half-tatted hearts.
With Shuttle 2 :
*** SR-C : 5 / 4 + 3 + 4  Cl.  SS
Ch : 15 . Join to base of R using a Slope & Roll Join
Ch : 3  SS ***
Continue from *** to *** till you reach the very 1st heart. For the 1st heart, after making Ch 15, join to the vvsp at base of starting chain or if you have omitted this vvsp, then join to base of R-A.
Seven trailing hearts are complete. Continue with the SR tail

Tail :
Tail comprises of 2-coloured Split Rings, with the colours alternating in each half, to give a spiral, intertwined effect.
Each SR is 4 / 4 . SS , SLT .  Repeat for required length.
Note : After each SR, Switch Shuttles, make a SLT (or simply an unflipped half stitch), & start next SR. Be sure to make this unflipped half stitch using the switched shuttle, to give a consistent effect.
Continue for desired length, alternating the shuttles after each ring.

Heart Charm at end of tail :
Same as the Last heart in the bookmark, all in one go.  Or, follow the steps given below :
With Shuttle 1
R-A : 5 sp 3 p 3 sp 5  Cl. RW
Ch : 15 . SS 
SR-B : 5 / 4 + 3 + 4  Cl. SS
SCMR : 2 p 2  Cl. SS
SR-C : 5 / 4 + 3 + 4  Cl.  SS
Ch : 15 . Join to base of R-A. Tie & cut ends & hide.

Again, the instructions seem lengthier & more complex than the actual tatting. I have diagrammed both patterns, & will convert to pdf, with proper diagramming in a few months time.
Game for a Necklace or Bracelet to go with the earrings ???


Happy Tatting :-)

Motifs # 4 & 5 / II for 25 Motif Challenge


  1. What a good idea at the approach of Valentine's Day!

  2. Great, thanks for sharing! Clever way to go down one side and up the other to make the bookmark continuously. This could also lend itself to adding a border, without having to cut and tie. I like the zigzag of colors in the bookmark tail :)

    1. Border is a nice idea, Robin ! That way one can add some decorative picots too.

      I tried not to go for the complex sketches I'd shared, & instead am happy to have been able to create a 2D pattern :-)) Once I had the logistics solved, the stitchcount was not a problem for this pattern.

      Thanks for stopping by, & your kind words :-)

  3. Oh how nice!!!
    Job well done

    1. Thank you very much, Lelia :-) Appreciate your kind words.

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  4. I agree with every one else! this is very clever! I love it will be fun to try this pattern, thank you for sharing!

    1. I would love for you to try it out :-)))
      Thank you for your kind words, Carollyn .

  5. That is fabulous!!! Love the bookmark!!! :)

    1. Thank you so much Sue. You are always so supportive :-)

  6. Great heart pattern! Thank you for join to my challenge :-)

    1. Thank you, Dorothea :-)
      I enjoyed the challenge - gave me an opportunity to challenge myself :-)