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Tatting Pattern : In Sync Heart

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The best laid plans !!!
Today’s post had been decided almost about 2 weeks back. It was going to be tatting piece (not a heart, lol) based on & inspired by a romantic classic, which I had started reading. I had hoped to finish reading & post both together, commemorating the sentiments of this day. Well, I still have about a 100 pages to go … so the post will have to wait for a few more days :-(

Instead, I finally tatted another heart last evening, this time from my original sketches which were drawn when Land of Laces announced the Heart Challenge here ! Even though it did not Strictly conform to the sketch, the main element viz. a braid of Interlocking Rings is there. The rest I tatted as I went, but with some meaning in each segment.
The name “In Sync” should be clue enough … how the 2 colours representing 2 individuals (or spirits/ideas) are in sync with each other in different ways, maintaining their individuality in their togetherness, sometimes merging, sometimes dancing, sometimes melting, all enwrapped in each other. You can form your own interpretations :-)

Sharing the free pattern … hope you like it.
The Interlocking Rings can be replaced with Split Rings, where the colours of each half alternate, creating a spiraling rope-like effect as in the tail of my Trailing Hearts Bookmark here .

In Sync Heart

A stylized freeform heart with symbolism 

4 shuttle, 2-colour pattern comprising of Interlocking Split Rings & Lock Chains

Threads : Anchor Mercer Cotton. Size 40
Lavender : 4054-098
Measurement : Works up to around 2 inches in size 40 thread.
Abbreviations (in order of appearance) :
CTM : continuous thread method
SR : Split Ring
IR : Interlocking Ring
vsp : very small picot
Cl : Close ring
LCh : Lock Chain
ds : double stitch.
Ch : chain
lp : long picot
sep : separated by
LJ : Lock Join
RW :  Reverse Work

I have written the pattern as per the segments for greater clarity, hopefully. Refer to image this with notations.

 Segment 1 – Interlocking Split Rings
Wind 2 pairs of shuttles, each pair with one colour, CTM.
With purple shuttles --  SR1 : 10 / vsp 10 . Cl.
With white shuttles --   SR2 : 10 / vsp 10 . Before closing, pass both purple shuttles UPWARDS through the white ring. Close ring.
Repeat these two SRs, alternating the colours, and WITHOUT the picot, such that a segment of 10 IRs is formed.

Segment 2 – Single Colour Lock Chains ‘Rope’
Continuing with the white shuttle pair, make a LCh 1½” long.
With purple shuttles, make another LCh 1½” long.
Twist the 2 together & to keep the twist in place lock/knot them with a ds. While twisting, keep the arc of the heart in mind – the twist should be just right.

Segment 3 – Chains with long picots
With white pair -- Ch : vsp, 2, 8 lp sep by 1 ds, 2, join to vsp. This gives a ring-like effect.
With purple pair –- Ch: vsp, 2, 6 lp sep by 2 ds, 2, LJ to 3rd picot of white chain, RW, 25 ds.
With white pair – Ch : 25

Segment 4 – 2-Colour Lock Chains
For this segment, pair one white shuttle with purple each.
With one pair of shuttles make Inner Lock Chain measuring 1½”. LJ to vsp of 1st white SR on the IR segment.
With the other pair of shuttles, make Outer Lock Chain measuring 2”. LJ to vsp of 1st purple SR on the IR segment.

Segment 5 – Single colour Chains
Optional Segment.
With white pair of shuttles together : Ch : 3, 7 lp sep by 1 ds, 3, LJ to any ds of 1st white SR in IR segment.
With purple pair of shuttles together : Ch : approx 30 ds. LJ to last picot of white chain.
Tie & cut all threads. Hide ends.

 Few Notes 

  • 4 shuttles can be a bit tricky to work with while making the IRs, but they were a JOY to create the rest of the elements – one had so much Choice ! Just pick up any shuttle to work with. And I didn’t even do any encapsulation here, sticking to 2-shuttle tatting for the rest of the pattern !
  • I chose a finer thread (size 40) to give it a more elegant, dainty look.
  • If I make this again, I will try to have larger SRs in Segment 1. Maybe 15/15. This will give a more rounded look – closer to heart shapes.
  • For a Great IR braid, check out Robin’s Priscilla bookmark tail here
  • I have given the LCh lengths. But with different tensions, etc. this length may vary for individuals. Try to estimate the desired length by positioning the in-work chain Before joining .
  • I think the Segment 4 LChs should be a tad longer. Seemed fine last night, but appear a bit short when scanning.
  • The last Segment #5 is Optional because the heart shape has already been formed. I just wanted to show some symbolism here.
  • A little blocking is required … I just spritz some water & ironed.
  • I had quite a struggle with the starting of the IRs. But once the initial rings are made, it is easy going. If anybody wishes for a step-by-step pictorial on how to start Interlocking Rings, a là Interlaced Rings here, please leave a comment letting me know.
happy tatting 

 Motif # 12 / II for 25 Motif Challenge


  1. Really love all your heart patterns, but especially this one with all it's symbolism. Tatting truly is an art.

    1. I Did enjoy making this .... The threads seemed to tell their own story, playing & dancing away ;-P But I think I need to rework some of the stitchcounts. So glad you liked the heart(s) :-)

  2. Wow you are getting all designer on us :) I was trying something with 3 shuttles, not sure if I will post it, but wanted to for Valentines day but not done too. Maybe next year.

    1. LOL, that is something to aspire for :-) But do share your 3 shuttle tatting. Whatever you make, it is always pleasing and inspiring ! Thanks for your kind words.

  3. I love these hearts too. So very creative.

    1. Thanks Bernice !! :-)
      I'm gonna make this one again with tweaked stitch count. Let's see how that turns out.

  4. I've never done a lock chain - it's interesting! Thank you! :-)

    1. Lock chains look good in 2 colours. And very simple, too :-)